You see the dimension from the One Above it – From the Room with the View

What dimension

Are We in?

Are You in?

AM I in`?

We experience and see a dimension from

The One Above it.

So, you can see the 1st dimension from the 2nd dimension,

the Emotional – elemental body.

And the 2nd Dimension

you can see from the 3rd Dimension,

the Mental body.

And So On…

You have heard often

That “we are in the 5th Dimension”

If that would be so we are then observing the

4th Dimensional Reality

Which is The Astral, 1st level of the Soul

The 4th Dimension can be Experienced

From the 5th Dimension

And the 5th from the 6th Dimension.

5th Chakra

The Throat Chakra

is for Speaking the Truth

AND hearing the Truth

Important to get Still.

To be Conscious


Yet not Intellectually analysing

Because then you remain in the 3rd Dimension

And can only observe the 2nd one…

Here we read all about this. Why?

To satisfy the Mental Body

Always Hungry, keeping us down?

They say analytical people are

“Living in their Heads”.

Not Exactly.

The Head chakras are not of Mind.

But of Consciousness.

The 6th Chakra

Third Eye

The Focus

To Direct your intension from…

7th Chakra is the Over Soul

Traditionally called The Thousand Petal Lotus

We have many Lotus in Our Body

now we know…

This chakra is the 1st level of the next 3.

8th Chakra is the Higher Heart

The Galactic Center

The Spiral We came in through

And Get Out

Locate it In your Physical body

Around Thymus touching the Thyroid

And 9th Chakra?

Above Your Head.

Continuing to next 3 Dimensions

Of the Avatar Self

10th, 11th

And where is the 12th?

Underneath your Feet


You are standing on it

Standing on the

Krysted Self

The Earth Star

13th IS in the Core of the Earth

The Beautiful


Core of the Earth

Where we two

Are Connected



Earth and I

Made of the Same Substance

Feeding Each Other

Healing Each Other



14th is High “Above” Your Head

15th Far Beyond

Consciousness finding it

through the

Earth Core

And Then continuing Beyond


Not really Down

But One experiences it as such

Here in this Dimension

These are Wheels within Wheels


Expanding Within

Each Other

In the Core is the

God Seed

Where This All Was Birthed

Into Manifestation

And IS Birthed in the NOW

Over and Over


Oscillating Out

Contracting Inn

We are each Like Light Bulbs

Flashing On

Flashing Off

Did you know that

You and I

disappear Momentarily?


and Now…

No, I didn’t think you did either,

Or maybe You do.

It goes so fast…

Breathe In

Breathe Out

God’s Breath

Breath Of Life

You and I are always

Connected to IT


Do You Feel IT?

Beings of Higher Frequency can see us

But we cannot see them.

We can Experience them

From our own Higher Parts of the Spiritual Body

At that level above

We must Stretch


To meet them

You have an experience

Deja vu

This moment

This action



I have BEEN in this moment before!

Experienced it exactly as I do in the Now!

Because You Have


I Have

And I AM

So, you require to BE

Able to Oscillate on 4th Dimensional


Which is the Heart Chakra


To see the 3rd Dimension

As it is

To Ascend from this 3-Dimensional Physicality

Beyond the Mind

Expanding your Consciousness

And Return Home

And Now…

I continue in the Now

On many levels

I am Chopping the WOOD

And Carrying the WATER

Loving Every Moment

Breathing In

Breathing Out

God Breathing

by PadMaAlBa

For MyOneAndOnlyAdonai

Based on the Freedom Teachings – KEYLONTIC SCIENCE

Voyagers I & II by Ashayana Deane 1999

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