Jump out of the Bowl of limited Ideas and Identities

In taking responsibility
For Your Own Emotional Reality
And committing to the Healing and Evolution of your personal Being, you will emerge triumphant, one by one, into the palace of  your Awakened Identity.

Then You can begin to call the others home.

Your Species can heal, and it MUST, if it’s continuation IS to BE secured.

There Are many, from many places willing to help you.

But only You can reach for growth, only You have the Power to Command the fulfilment of Your Evolution.

Only you have the ability to Awaken Yourselves to see the realities beyond the Illusions of your 3-dimensional world.

Only while you are asleep, unaware of the Truth of your Identity, can the Zeta (old agenda) and others bring harm to you.

You cannot be manipulated by Holographic inserts and forced Matrix transplants if your senses have developed to the Point seeing behind them and your Logic have grown to Understand how to avert them.

If your logical/ intellectual awareness would get out of its own way, your emotional and intuitive facilities will bring your entire  being into balance under the direction of the Soul Matrix.

As long as you allow  “Logic to Rule” , you will not grow into understanding the Higher Senses.

Your Logical Mind can BE the 🐸 that Becomes the prince 🫅🏼
Or it can become the Toad, burying it’s head into the sands of Fragmented Perception.

We suggest that You Muster the Courage to Leap Out of the bowl of your limited Ideas and Perceptions
And beging to Explore the strange New World of Multidimensional Reality and Identity that
Flashes by Everywhere Around You


Ashayana Deane

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