Managed here to touch this

On the Surface only.

But here we go…

To become a Sovereign Human

Who increasingly expresses

The Soul

One must know Oneself


To Love Oneself

To accept Oneself.

I, like many others, often miss

That feeling of Acceptance

Don’t we?

Maybe not?

I still do sometimes…

Look at the Mirror

And Say I Love You.

Admire Your physical appearances

The therapist told her

How can one believe it

When the subconsciousness

Whispers the opposite

By design

Formed from our Double

To keep us NOT evolving

For me…

It started from

Learning to Love God

Which was Natural

As a child

Lost it on the way

And became an Artiste


To be accepted?

Until One day The audience

Saw my form on the stage

And we connected

1 On 1

I realized they each saw something


I had become a Mirror

Empty from any identity

Being Nothing

And Reflecting Everything.

That lead to Spiritual Quest

Leaving behind Absolutely Everything

Yet coming back to it All

After some rounds

Nowhere to Go to Find

My Self

But Within me

My Self

And I

I AM Loved by

God Source


Higher Benevolent Beings

I just Get it…

Feel it…

Good enough for me.


The only thing was this Shadow

Whispering the opposite being True.

Next Quest was to

Get to know Her

We are getting there

To become Good Buddies

Like Twins

With Respect

Allowing Each Other

To Be

Yet Agreeing where we are heading towards.


Under the ☔

Of our Soul Matrix

And we have a great deal of Conversations

About Absolutely Everything

And Much of it is  about Love…


Such a beautiful word

I know some who

Has turned it into

Substitute for Love

To get Sympathy

For All the Pain their Suffer

From being an Empath

Feeling It All

Not yet


 it is a valuable


To Heal

A True form of a Human

I know… This World now

Is a difficult place to live in…

Without Self Love

Where the Self is Ultimately

Totally Aligned with

God Source

That tool will work against its

Mechanisms and Wisdom

Oh, this Selfie became Good

Love Your Self

Versus Narcissism

Narcissistic person

Is also an empty Vessel

Not filled from Existence of God

But from The Other

From whom they need the Confirmation

Lacking Empathy

Yet can be Charming

Because is a tool to catch Others

For Self-serving gains.

For Food

Have Grandiose Self-image

Because the Self within is tiny.

The One with Self Love

Knows the Imperfection of them selves

Have an ability to Self-reflection

In the Mirrors around them

And don’t need anyone the confirm

Their own existential value.

They are humble

And proud of being Child of God

In touch with the Self

And Eager to learn more

To Evolve

This world seems to be divided

In two.

The People with Self Love in God

Who serves the Others as Part of The same God

Part of themselves

And People without Self Love

Or True God connection

Whose only aim is to get themselves served

All the time and


Where goes the Fine Line

Between these two?

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