To Live Every Moment All In Believing I AM Being that I See there IS a Gap To Reach To Expand Deeper Deeper Deeper Every Moment IS Sacred Encapsulating the Miraculous Which is Natural When Living ALL IN Letting Go All That Binds Me to Dabbling Life People Places Attachments That is Nothing… Preparing for … Continue reading ALL IN or NOTHING

Kristos Teachings – CDT Plates – Bible – Stargate Quest Ashayana Deane CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings Law of One The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. “Inner Christos” philosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law of One”. Inner Christos Law … Continue reading Kristos Teachings – CDT Plates – Bible – Stargate Quest