Ashayana Deane Timestamp from original 00 – 00:36 My Note: An Old Story. Some History and Background. To remind us to move on... I love to hear Some One who speaks about Reality in a way that is not covered in a beautiful Fancy and Glancy gift paper. It Ignites me. Ashayana is one … Continue reading NEW AGE DECEPTION

Kristos Teachings – CDT Plates – Bible – Stargate Quest Ashayana Deane CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings Law of One The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. “Inner Christos” philosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law of One”. Inner Christos Law … Continue reading Kristos Teachings – CDT Plates – Bible – Stargate Quest