Ashayana Deane

Timestamp from original 00 – 00:36

My Note:

  • An Old Story. Some History and Background. To remind us to move on…

I love to hear Some One who speaks about Reality in a way that is not covered in a beautiful Fancy and Glancy gift paper.

It Ignites me. Ashayana is one of them.

No kisses of lies…

I have arrived at the conclusion that everything, absolutely everything here has been Deception. And I, and We must Awaken to see it. To Expand as much as we are able to. By the Love we have for the Creation. The Original God Source.

Become Independent and Sovereign. Authentic. It is the Only way to Unity.

This is what I want to share in these days. To be blunt and say, nobody, absolutely nobody has to be sacrificed, killed, or blood rituals done to liberate me from my Own Hologram.

I Love Yeshua, always have, without books or churches.

I Love Krystos, it is part of me, always have been.

So, even as a child I didn’t like the idea someone had to suffer for my “sins”. I am not a sinner! I am a the beloved of the Creator. Always have been and Always will. Until the End of times, when All Stars die…

Hear Ashayana here. We could consider this information and integrate it into our Path, the way we each see it fit.

– padmaalba

Manual Transcript

Hibiru people

Jewish people

Were Angelic Humans

But they were led to

Pray for Anunaki gods

Without knowing it

Jehovian Anunaki

Made deals since


Global Politics has

Always been reflecting this

Thoth Enki Anunaki

Are Affiliated with Thoth

Joining the United Resistance

(Against Krysted People of God)

Without people being aware of it

New Age deception

And religions…

All have Agendas behind them




It is Sweet

But its deceptive

Our Human Nature is to Love

To Open the Heart

Like f.ex.

Sumerian Gods

After the Flood

After the DNA mess

They thought us

Reverse spin languages (not naturally aligned to God Source Sounds).

Even the language we speak (English here)

Our bodies have difficulty to co-operate

To adjust to our languages

Body is still partly (luckily) connected to Original Sounds

Of the Creation


Coming In and Out

Of This Time Matrix


Luciferian covenant

There is also one of those groups

From Pleiadeans.

So, it is not all so sweet out there…



Was connected to our Earth

And to Wormwood,

And to an Artificial planet (name)

And Nibiru

They were controlling

Programs in Earth Grids


MEGA Technologies

Blocking out the Natural Frequencies

Coming from our Stargates


Some are On

Some are Off

That was what messed up


And we became willing Slaves.

If you can control a Planet

2 billion Light Years Away

Without ever visiting it

With Waves

Standing Scalar Waves

Forming the Matter

The Trinity

And then comes the Sub-harmonics

To manifest finally into Matter




They want to

To turn us into a Slave Planet

This Started

Long time ago

Stonehenge and more

Rocks were put there

After the Good Guardians

Got the Sacred Crystals out

Nibiruans Control The Earth

Through! parallel Earth

Crossbar in Stonehenge

Send this controlling

Energy down to the Earth

Reverse Spin

Not Sacred Cristos Spin

Anunnaki was able to

Block out the Guardian Races

To come and intervene

To this destruction of Planet Earth.


That what they created

Nibiruan Electrostatic Transduction

A Field


Could be used for Good

But it isn’t

Because Anunnaki uses them


Krystos Temple Networks

Are always there

Since the first time Angelic Humans

Arrived here, on this Planet


They created communication


Linking it to the Nibiru

24 primary places

Krystos Temples

Crystalline Caves

That is why they

Control the Frequency

That Runs here on Earth

They were hoping to do the Final Overtaken (in the past)

But the

Good Guardians managed to Stop it

And they managed to Stop the

Stargate Opening

Which would have resulted into

Massive Pole shift

2017 is the Present

Stargate Opening cycle

They ripped


So that Entities

Can come and go

As they want

These get activated


When the Natural

Stargates are Opening


Anu Seraphim

Is the Group

They were Anunnaki

That hybridised with

Aquatic Ape

Thoth Enki

Was Hybridized with


Reptilian Serpent

Anu Seraphim is mixture of these

Most of Egyptian history

Isn’t our Angelic Human history

Leviathan Races

Were controlled by

Fallen Angels

Anunnaki Construct

The Real Maji Kings

That were there before


When the Invasion of Egypt


We feel

We have part of ourselves


And we adore Egypt


Who are these people?

They are Anunnaki

Alfa and Omega Centaur guys

They work with anyone

Who is willing to help them

To fulfil their agenda

Most of them are residing in Nibiru

And in another planet

Which was made from the part of

Sacred Planet Tara that was


They will say

Earth was part of us…

Follow us…

Trust us…


It isn’t true

They hijacked Piece of Tara

Gate 11

In Avion


Blew out the stargates

Looooong time ago…

The start of the Fall.

They are attached to that

Gate 11

And are able to control


But cannot reach the

Gate 12

Which is Krystos Frequency

They want Gold

And created Neanderthals

We are not from that line

We, The Angelic Humans

With original 12 DNA strains

Lucifer and Satan

Are two different

Nasty Angels

Some try to tell

They are the same

But they aren’t.


They are sacred in some


Unfortunately, some

Native Americans bring these

People and their control system

To Humans

Without knowing it

They are nasty people

Like necromancy

Things that you can Awoke

Which you really don’t

Want to be Weaken up…

That is how we got here…

It makes All sense

Marduke family line

Crossed with Thoth Enki

Family line

Of a specific version (name)

Where the Luciferian

Name came from

They are Luciferian groups


Who belongs to Anunnaki




They have to do with


And Alfa and Omega

Centaury system

They put the

Crystal grids here

For control

Raiding our planet

They fight with each other

Pleiadeans are everywhere

Now many people are channelling them

If you are called


It doesn’t tell much

You can be anything…

Such are the Pleiadeans too

Beautiful Females

Looking Sweet

Like a Barbie doll

Shiny Spacesuits

They present them

As an image

That we respond to

Pleiadeans are

The Tricksters

They look nice


Full of Love

But they are trying to take

Over us

Make us Slaves

Like many others are


Earth in Density 2

(4-6 Dimensions)


In Density 3

the Polaris we look at

Is Gaia

(7-9 Dimensions)

Because of All


We are stuck



Even Phoenix

White Eagle

Hijacked by the Anunnaki

“If you cannot be with the One, You love

Love the one you are with

…and the Eagle flies with the Dove…

It is All Coded


Slave Masters

Manipulating us

To believe on them

It was declaration Song

For that the Frequency grids

Have been taken over

The Eagle and the Dove…

These things come out in our Society

And we

Angelic Humans

Don’t realize the Coding

Aren’t aware that we have been

Manipulated with the songs


Each one of these collectives

Are after us





Frequency systems in the Earth

Remember the basics

Then you know which groups

These people belong to

These animals are fighting

With each other

Great White Lion

That was Good Guardians

Before protecting the Planet

To hold the Planetary grids stable

Four Faces of Man

They are Implants

With Reversed

Anti-Krystos Spin

How to fix this Mess


What can we do…

We can

We have been

We will

Activating the

Earth Grids

Each of us

The Krystos Alignment

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