Fold Your Hologram & Take It with You

We Spiralled Into Existence

From The God World

Counter-clockwise Spiral

The Same way as Our Earth Spirals

We have our own Hologram

The Reality we experience

We have the Collective Hologram

Where we exist Seeing and Experiencing

By Agreement

The Same Frequency Bond

The Time has Come

To Break Free from the Cycles

Of Life & Death


Break the Long Journey

Of Experiencing our Hologram

Through Personal Life

Again and again

That We Call Karma

Or Samsara

Cause and Effect

Now We are given an


To FOLD our Hologram

Pull it into Our Selves

And take it with us

To next level



Strong Intention!

Then Follow YOUR Path

Listen to the Guidance


It arrives as a Whisper…

Source: Keylontic Science – Freedom Teachings – Ashayana Deane – Dance For Freedom


For MyOneAndOnlyAdonai

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