Reset In the Universe

What it comes down to is…

For So Long have some Fallen Races, the ET Races or Other Dimensional Races been fighting over who get to be in Charge.

Sounds familiar?

If they successfully manage to Manifest their plans, it will cause a ReSet in the Universal Gates and Portals.

Their Attempt is to cut away the connection to Higher Levels, where you are Aligned with the God Source.

They Like to be their own Boss, to the very End.

The Krysted Beings of the Universe, in many Forms, are doing All they can to Restore the Krysted Seed in our Matrix. But their “Fight” is different kind of War.

They could, because of their Higher Frequencies to create Force Fields that will bounds back the attempts to destroy the 11th and 12th Universal Stargates.

But they don’t.

Why not?

Because they are Krysted Beings. That Force field would destroy so many innocent lives, also in our Matrix, so they restrain that urge. They choose not to…

They actually put their own “lives” in “danger”.

It is not Martyrdom, or Sacrifice.

It is the Knowing, that what ever happens, they will always be Holding On to the feeling of Being Krysted, even they would lose their Consciousness about it.

They Know everything is within God Source.

Whether they Return Home as Whole Ascending, or as Space dust, if the Fallen ones successfully destroy the Stargates.

They will hold they Krysted Stand to the Last Moments and Never Ever give up their Hope and Trust.

Spare as many Lives as possible.

They count on Us, Angelic Humans and Indigos, to do Our Part fully.

In a Free Will Universe that remains as a Request, only.

This sounds like a Science Fiction, but we can see it Manifesting in this World right now. The Powers that are looking for Conflict and Chaos. Trying to take Free Will away. Manipulation.

It is only on one level. We can remain in our chosen level and strengthen that.

The Love we have to Life and this Planet. To Eschother.

We know how to Live in Harmony, don’t we?

How is to Hold Your Stand as Krysted Being and not Fall into darkness Yourself?

That is the Art of a Spiritual Path.

Can I just think of Saving my Self, Ascend in Good Faith, and have a sigh of Relief, if and when I “get out” of here?

I don’t know that yet

I do my part as well as I can. Listen to the Soul Speaking and Guidence from within. Taking One Step at the Time. Having Faith.

And Fire in The Heart.❤️🔥


Source: Keylontic Science – Freedom Teaching’s, Ashayan Deane, Voyagers I & II

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