Angelic Humans do not know Death – Shadow Body Healing

Science has been teaching us

and that some religions taught us

pieces of before

where we are in a hostile Universe

that we are in a limited Universe

– where we have to fight and compete for a limited amount of energy.

Right now

Our Shadow Body

Hold 2/3 of our Energy

And our Consciousness

The Shadow body is

In all 4 Densities

This Density

With 3 Dimensions

The Soul

The Over Soul

And part of our

Avatar Self

Earth has its Shadow Body

As well

Whatever happens to us

Also happens to the Earth

It is in

The Earth

The Tara in 2nd Density

The Gaia in 3rd Density

And partly in

Lyra in 4th Density

If you lose

2/3 of your energy.

You are not going to feel

Very good

Physical body is going to have

Hard time dealing with

What is has left to work.

Unless you are able to bring in

More Frequency.

Portions of our

Shadow Bodies

That we are not able to heal

Will no longer be part of our


After a certain period of time

The religions tell us one set of Ideas

The Science tell us another.

The Politicians tell us another and

Use whichever of the other two

Is convenient…

You have

Right to say, “Okay, I beg to differ for myself

And I have the right to choose what I will”.

In the path of Ascension

Even death was not even a reality

The bodies didn’t run out of Energy

They didn’t get old and deteriorate

That is not Natural Condition.

So, if you look around us in our world

And you see

How we have come to accept death as a

Natural Thing

Oh, God created it that way…

If you look at a Vase that is on the floor

Shattered in pieces and

Somebody tells us that is is a Vase

So, when we think of the word Vase

We think of the pieces of glass laying

On the floor


Because we don’t remember what

A Vase looked like.

The FLAME BODY teachings

Will help All;

The Earth Humans

The Indigos

The Angelic Humans

Who would love to be able

To just get done with

Whatever I came here to do

And go back where I can

Rest for a bit…

And Understand

It All!


Ashayana Deane – Freedom Teachings – Keylontic Science

Dance For Freedom

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