Ashayana Deane Timestamp from original 00 – 00:36 My Note: An Old Story. Some History and Background. To remind us to move on... I love to hear Some One who speaks about Reality in a way that is not covered in a beautiful Fancy and Glancy gift paper. It Ignites me. Ashayana is one … Continue reading NEW AGE DECEPTION

POSTURES OF LOVE – About Shadow and Love as Spiritual Path POSTURES OF LOVE Have you created A knot in your childhood. It will hold you on to it Until you bring it to Your consciousness. And let it go. When you Start walking Your individual Path of Seeking Spiritual Answers, You might experience opposition From the “Loved Ones”. “What are you doing? Are you … Continue reading POSTURES OF LOVE – About Shadow and Love as Spiritual Path


FOOD FOR THOUGHT My Path has been to walk with Ashayana Deane and the Guardians, Inner Earth Beings. On that Path I find my memories too.  I PROP UP THE EARLIER LECTURES, PRIOR TO 2012, and Voyagers 1 & II books. I have Memories from Sirius, have been in many places but there is something … Continue reading WHO SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH?

Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings

Christos Founders Emerald Order Melchizedek Cloister Personal Spiritual Mastery Course Reinstating Personal Divinity All materials are translated from the ancient MCEO “Cloister·Dora·Teura Plates", or CDT-Plates and the original MCEO Azurite-Maharaji Eieyani Maharata Texts of Inner Earth. Cloister·Dora·Teura Plates" were manufactured in 246 OOO BC. The CDT·Plates are real, physical objects that have been kept in … Continue reading Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings