My Path has been to walk with Ashayana Deane and the Guardians, Inner Earth Beings. On that Path I find my memories too.  I PROP UP THE EARLIER LECTURES, PRIOR TO 2012, and Voyagers 1 & II books.

I have Memories from Sirius, have been in many places but there is something special there.

I am striving to Connect to those Memories through Shadows and Fog.

I review other sisters’ words here, when at the Waiting Room waiting for Words of my own to Arrive. ~Padma

“Let us All be in Service in Humility and Grace” Patricia Cori

“We need to get our Humour back”.

Patricia Cori


Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective


Pages 108 – 111


To elaborate further the imminent process of Solar Ascension, it is essential that we first dispel an erroneous concept, now circulating via alternative information networks and amongst metaphysical communities …

And very possibly lingering in your own mind, which we do humbly address here, with due respect and consideration of your free will.


It revolves around the somewhat popular misunderstanding, that Earth alone is ascending, and only a part of it, at that.

It is a rather curious idea – but then, there are still those who perceive Earth as the center of the Universe!


This theory sees your sphere splitting into two separate worlds, for ever independent of each other, with two diametrically opposed destinies.

In this modern-day rendition of your ancient judgement books, and that values they impose, the “good” Earth, whereby select Souls have made some sort of “grade”, and moved up, would be Ascending to the fifth or higher dimensions (bypassing the fourth altogether).

The other, bound to the darkness of evil beings and unruly hoards of the unenlightened, would be irreparably destroyed, and die a lingering death, deemed its due punishment for all the wrongs that its inhabitants perpetrated in response to their fear, indifference, and violence … and taking all those Souls deemed “unworthy” down along with it.

It imposes guilt and chastisement through systematic rules over moral conduct, and the salvation of the Soul through obedience, while impinging upon the sovereignty of one and all beings.

It allows no tolerance for any other belief system but its own, and incites human spirit to destroy. Torture, and kill, in the name of its self-serving, righteous principles, and the established godhead of choice.

An unholy War is in place, deliberately and methodically imposed upon you, in order to render you subservient, and accepting of punishment imposed by its self-appointed minions.

It is a branch of the Secret Government.


With what You know of Energy, Resonance, and the One-ness of all things, wont you agree that the idea of Gaia, the non-judgemental, quintessential mother, behaving in such a way as to determine which human beings are worthy, and which are not, is at the very least questionable.?


What of the Children?

Would they be judged for their potential evil intentions, or inappropriate behaviours?

And of other life forms on the Planet – what of them?


This theory of Earth, divided, does not represent the multidimensional universe, as it would have you believe.

No doubt there exists a parallel Earth, whose outcome is reflective of the synthesis of “evil”, for them is always a great spectrum of energies on the material plane, but we do not see Earth twinning into two polar aspects of itself, whereby all humanity have earned either their reward or their punishment.

This just does not fit the design of Cosmic Progression.


This concept reflects convictions, still carved into certain individuals consciousness, that people are basically good or evil.

This is such a very limited way of looking at the world, for there is a constant rebalancing of vibrations in you lives, weighing the values of you own morality against those that are imposed upon you,

Inevitably, there are light and dark reflections perpetually Seeking resolution in your Soul, just as they are in the Souls of Others.


Children of Gaia.

If You still have not had Your fill of Heaven and Hell scenario, and if you are looking to re-create them in a future context – for Yourselves, or for Humanity at large – search no further than you own experience: your memories, the emotions with which you carry them forward, and Your relationship to Earth Itself.

If you dream of a Heavenly Utopia, create it now – observe it, memorize it, and live it, with Your Heart Wide Open.

It is woven into the tapestry of nature, if only you will stop to listen to the sound of birdsong, and to smell the flowers.

Spend more time in the Woodland, or walking along the Shore, far from the Urban Jungle, and away from programs that push You into fear and hopelessness.

If, instead, you are determined to follow fear, and to fear hell, well … we shall not invite you to create that!

Just remember that you create Your own reality, and You carry it with You, entrained to its vibration.

What happens then, to each of You, is determined by Your own vibratory Attunement and Determination

QHwC Patricia Cori – The New Sirian Revelations


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