You are 144 Chosen One

144 - TRUTH IS ALWAYS SOMETHING ELSE So, Hear this. And don’t mind Focussing; it is through a POINT, like an Eye of a Needle, that we find our way OUT to Freedom and Expansion. 144 The Creation was “fired up” into manifestation as VOID – SOUND – LIGHT All Reality Is Taking Place in … Continue reading You are 144 Chosen One

Eckasha & Maharic Quick Shield – Protect Your Field

"Put on Your Spiritual Armor" Since we are freeing ourselves from ALL Programming imposed to us, either consciously or unconsciously, many of us not been aware of it at all, we must be ready to let go A LOT. To fight the Cognitive Dissonance and BE Aligned with TRUST. Trust to what? How shall we … Continue reading Eckasha & Maharic Quick Shield – Protect Your Field