Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

I Flow with You In the Sacred Womb of the Cosmos, Safe On My Way Home, with You I AM Water, the Earth IS Water Mostly The Water Molecules in Me connect to the Water Molecules of the Earth And Further All the Love I can Gather, I release Onto You We Are Healed in … Continue reading Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

Stairway To Heaven

LEARNING / TEACHING & TEACHING / LEARNING ALL THE CLIPS HERE. Clips separately on my profile page STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN Start from the number 1. 1. watch out who you follow. Instead being a Follower BE what Your Path IS 2. All Is Connected - Expanding to One Burst Point, which is Perpetual reading Stairway To Heaven

Where We came from?

Where We came from? (Human Origins) Ashayana Deane *Source: Amenti Workshop, 1998 The MCEO Freedom Teachings, Guardian Materials. Turaneusiam Race My Comment: Turaneusiam Race Was created By combining All the gene codes From the Universes And Dimensions To create a New Species A Super Beings God Race The Plan was To create a Being That … Continue reading Where We came from?