A Spiritual Boundary or a Wall

Wise Ones say, the only beings that gets upset when you set up healthy boundaries, are those who benefit from you having none.

To be a Sovereign Spiritual Being is to “Know Thy Self”. Follow the Law Of One of Free Will Universe. Respect others in their Wholeness. Respect myself in my Wholeness. Oneness is Unity; where I end, You start.

By knowing my values, my path, my vision. Increasingly seek to expand the alignment with God-Self in All Levels.  My Shadow too.

We are Ascending to New Levels of Universal Love, where we experience The Other one as our selves. We feel increasingly the need to Serve the Beautiful Creation, since It has already captured our Souls. All of I AM.

To describe something about boundaries creates images and words which build Walls. Need to Reach to Unity creates urge to build Walls to the fellow Beings who are like me, basically. All of them.

Instead of acting and experiencing the NO, we can dive deeper in the Intention behind it, and instead we say Yes, having the same result we were looking for. Standing our ground in this matter. Legs being fluid, since stubbornness may cause blockages in the Flow of Learning and Expanding . So, we are flexible to move our feet from the Ground we Stood, to another Ground.

As example we can think a situation where we are asked to do something we “feel”, or know will not be what we would choose to do.

I can then offer another way of doing it, with will be according to my values. The No became a Yes! And instead of a Wall I build a Bridge

In the Free Will Universe we allow the Other to choose how to proceed onwards.

More important is the Sound Frequency I send out in that situation. If I am unconscious about my Shadow, which is experiences that haven’t been integrated yet, I maybe utter quite “painful” Sound.

Painful for myself, because the awakened memory triggers a blockage in the physical body and resonates to all Spiritual bodies.

Time to do Shadow work

If I am clear of my values, vision, my Oath, I will have only a ease of energy movement, creating increasing Frequency uplifting myself and the other

We cross the Bridge to Each Other , over the troubled waters.

Life BEcomes Simple. I don’t need to have tension towards life, because I can in any situation make my own choice. In Love and Respect, to both if Us

As a Healer, Light worker we get often challenges to enforce and define our boundaries. We need them in the Higher Planes too. There are people who feed from your energy, and there are beings that feed on others energies.

Those who live a life of Service to self. Only

Self Love is not Service to Self, but Love and Respect to me, to I AM, as part of Gods Creation, the God Self. It is the same act than service to Others. Since we based it on Sovereignty and Self Care. Not needing any Other One to provide for us, or fulfill our inner needs.

There will be Increasingly more to share with others, when we first look after our own health.

People who know Themselves respect other with ease. The Dance of Life in the Rhythm of the Free Will Universe BEcomes an ecstatic experience. For All.

However, it is somewhat different experience with Soulmates and Soul Family. This flows naturally for us.

Even more interesting is to explore the Gender Twin Dance. Since what ever I decide to do or bot do, will be on them too. There IS no boundary needed

Since I will then draw the Line on My Self.

But that will be Another Story…

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