You see the dimension from the One Above it – From the Room with the View

What dimension Are We in? Are You in? AM I in`? We experience and see a dimension from The One Above it. So, you can see the 1st dimension from the 2nd dimension, the Emotional – elemental body. And the 2nd Dimension you can see from the 3rd Dimension, the Mental body. And So On… … Continue reading You see the dimension from the One Above it – From the Room with the View

Looking for You Within Myself and I

Please Listen Or not I don’t do the Minding anymore... The Way In Is the only way Out Long and Winding Road To the Mountain Top Now Here Searching for You Within I and My Self I came here as a Female Having my Soul In My Hand From the beginning Longing to Connect To … Continue reading Looking for You Within Myself and I

Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

I Flow with You In the Sacred Womb of the Cosmos, Safe On My Way Home, with You I AM Water, the Earth IS Water Mostly The Water Molecules in Me connect to the Water Molecules of the Earth And Further All the Love I can Gather, I release Onto You We Are Healed in … Continue reading Agua Mi Hermosa – Beautiful Water Permission to Pray

CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings & Keylontic Morphogenetic Science

CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings The Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Teachings, the Eieyani and the CDT-Plates The ancient MCEO (Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order) perspectives teach of the Inner Christos, or living God-spirit alive within all things, including the natural environment. “Inner Christos” philosophies are built upon understanding of what is referred to as the “Law … Continue reading CDT Plate Inner Kristos Teachings & Keylontic Morphogenetic Science

HOW MUCH CAN YOU LOVE KRYSTAL RIVER DANCE Part 5 of 10 Ashayana Deane ( STARTS AT TIMESTAMP 11:47 Excerpt from the Lecture with personal comments. HOW MUCH CAN YOU LOVE Are you aware that you must First of All look after Your own Soul, what ever the circumstances you are witnessing in the world? Don’t let your Pure, … Continue reading HOW MUCH CAN YOU LOVE


Dear Seeker & Adept, you are not alone – It is all your responsibility, but it isn’t your fault. Congratulations you have come so far! Humanity is not forgotten by other High-Density Beings! We are in the midst of Transition Time. ACTIVATION OF DNA ON PERSONAL LEVEL HAS PROMPTED ME TO INCREASE THE SERVICE TO … Continue reading ACTIVATION OF DNA – SERVICE TO OTHERS – TIMES OF TRANSITION

Angelic HUmans never fight

Angelic HUmans Never Fight Wars Retribution in their Hearts Not Ear for an Ear... They embody the Sacred Law Of One In the Free Will Universe With Self-respect and Self-Love they Create New World and Life for themselves and for their Loved ones They Take Stand and Stand Proudly In Alignment in Krystos Embodying the … Continue reading Angelic HUmans never fight

Singin and Dancing in the Rain – Make a New Start

THE (Mana) RAIN OF RAMA SONG – SONG OF URTHA Voyager code preparation (PSONN #5 p.36) Ashayana Deane MCEO Freedom Teachings - Video with melody and the lyrics It isn’t easy In a World so filled with pain To Go On smiling Tears turn into (Mana) Rain And they are falling They keep falling… And … Continue reading Singin and Dancing in the Rain – Make a New Start

A Spiritual Boundary or a Wall

Wise Ones say, the only beings that gets upset when you set up healthy boundaries, are those who benefit from you having none. To be a Sovereign Spiritual Being is to "Know Thy Self". Follow the Law Of One of Free Will Universe. Respect others in their Wholeness. Respect myself in my Wholeness. Oneness is … Continue reading A Spiritual Boundary or a Wall

Ideation for going through a demanding life cycle

BREATHE IN AND BREATHE OUT Like the Breath of Life The Cycles of Life Are Moving Through Us Like the Waters The high tide and the low tide Breathe In that Movement and Breathe Out that Movement The Flow of Timeless Time and Cycles For the next Three Weeks Every Morning and Evening Conduct this … Continue reading Ideation for going through a demanding life cycle

Only One Remains – I hold on to it

A Moment Arrives When Everything Absolutely All What I considered Of Importance In this Life Dissolves Only One Remains A Diamond I Hold Onto It Within My Heart My Soul My Spirit And Let Go Of that Everything Else Now

Talking the Walk and Walking the Talk Time has Arrived for Me To Focus and Remain Awake and Aware in the Immediate Here and Now On All Levels of My Spirit My Soul Talk is the First Step Sharing the Insights here With You Afterwards I AM Organically Experiencing The Talk in my Immediate Reality And I AM Walking It In … Continue reading Talking the Walk and Walking the Talk

Inspiration for this moment

WHAT YOU RESIST PERSIST When you use much energy to resist something. You are creating an impulse that pulls it to you Whether you want it or not. Abstinence or denial is as “bad” as Excessive indulging If you indulge in substances, like “self-medication” in Any form, removing you from the “experience”, You are hanging … Continue reading Inspiration for this moment


“The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns. The pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious to the rose.” – Khalil Gibran TALKING THE WALK So, I got Beaten Up With a Spiritual Whip Wasn’t Pleasant But very Liberating Consciousness Expanding Think Positively, they say... What is Positive? Is it to be in a State … Continue reading DENYING HALF OF THE CREATION

About death

Part of me Carrying the responsibility Of more than given Even Your Life Decisions Choices Guilty… Of not managing The perfection Which is highest Potentiality In the All Good Willing Creation Of Free Will In Healing the Wounds Of the Other Reaching Short For myself… For you, too Illusions of the attitudes… Then The Greatness … Continue reading About death


Ashayana Deane Timestamp from original 00 – 00:36 My Note: An Old Story. Some History and Background. To remind us to move on... I love to hear Some One who speaks about Reality in a way that is not covered in a beautiful Fancy and Glancy gift paper. It Ignites me. Ashayana is one … Continue reading NEW AGE DECEPTION

Fold Your Hologram & Take It with You

We Spiralled Into Existence From The God World Counter-clockwise Spiral The Same way as Our Earth Spirals We have our own Hologram The Reality we experience We have the Collective Hologram Where we exist Seeing and Experiencing By Agreement The Same Frequency Bond The Time has Come To Break Free from the Cycles Of Life … Continue reading Fold Your Hologram & Take It with You

Reset In the Universe

What it comes down to is... For So Long have some Fallen Races, the ET Races or Other Dimensional Races been fighting over who get to be in Charge. Sounds familiar? If they successfully manage to Manifest their plans, it will cause a ReSet in the Universal Gates and Portals. Their Attempt is to cut … Continue reading Reset In the Universe

Angelic Humans do not know Death – Shadow Body Healing

Science has been teaching us and that some religions taught us pieces of before where we are in a hostile Universe that we are in a limited Universe – where we have to fight and compete for a limited amount of energy. Right now Our Shadow Body Hold 2/3 of our Energy And our Consciousness … Continue reading Angelic Humans do not know Death – Shadow Body Healing


The core substance of the Cosmos Is Consciousness. Thought is an attribute of Consciousness. Nothing IS truly solid. All things are composed of Consciousness observing the Form And the Consciousness Of which the Form Is made of Human Consciousness emerges Through an order Of Dimensionalization Which sets frameworks Within which the Interrelationships of Consciousness Can … Continue reading REALITY IS A THOUGHT CONSTRUCTION


THIS IS A TOUGH NUT TO CRACK FOR THIS NUTCRACKER Managed here to touch this On the Surface only. But here we go... To become a Sovereign Human Who increasingly expresses The Soul One must know Oneself And To Love Oneself To accept Oneself. I, like many others, often miss That feeling of Acceptance Don’t … Continue reading SELFLOVE VERSUS NARCISSISM