Where We came from?

Where We came from? (Human Origins)

Ashayana Deane

*Source: Amenti Workshop, 1998 The MCEO Freedom Teachings, Guardian Materials.

Turaneusiam Race

My Comment:

Turaneusiam Race

Was created

By combining

All the gene codes

From the Universes

And Dimensions

To create a

New Species

A Super Beings

God Race

The Plan was

To create a Being

That can embody

The Over Soul

To Be The Peace Makers

The Mediators

The Diplomats

Of the Universes

That is,





From the video description:

So, what happened a very long time ago on a planet called Tara, about 560 Million Years Ago, there was a race of beings seeded on this planet. The Race was called the Turaneusiam, and they were a very, very special Race.

They were kind of like the “babies of the Universe”.

The Turaneusiam Race was created by taking the genetic strains of all of the other type of beings that existed within all of the other dimensional systems and harmonic universes…taking them and splicing together the best of the best in order to form a super-prototype.

And what the beings who created us wanted to create was a species that could embody not only a Soul, but an Over Soul.

It could embody the consciousness of 12 of the 15 dimensions



“I edited some auto translations. hope you enjoy the message”

– Padma

I would like to talk about where we came


and when we understand a bit of where we

came from we’ll

be able to understand a bit more about

where we’re going

we’re part of an evolving race and that

much our science has identified

but what that means science has not been

able to tell us because science doesn’t


there’s a lot of speculation as to why

we are here and what does it mean to be


and what are we connected to

our scientific traditions tend to look

backward in time to find relics to give

us answers to those questions so we can

understand our past

so perhaps we can

understand more about our present

and what it means to be human and what

we are

underneath all of those

investigations i do believe we’re

looking for the purpose

of our existence

why we are here

so we look for

where we came from

what are our roots


understand some of what it means to be

human now so we understand maybe where

we’re going

in tonight’s discussion i’m going to

present some information

that was given to me by

the Guardian


that will be very controversial

if you’ve been schooled in traditional

earthly thinking

it is a history and I’m going to leave

out a lot

simply because it will take a very long

time to cover the whole history

but it’s basically a history of our origins and

our origins are very different than what

science has

at this time formulated their ideas


we did not come out of the apes

they came out of us

some of them


early man

as our history has identified

some of

them were connected to us

others were completely independent races

that evolved at different times

with us but that weren’t connected to us

there’s so much to our history

that we have not had exposure to and i

would like to bring some of that


to you tonight as it was presented to me

by the Guardian Alliance

in order to understand our history, we

are also going to need

to understand a little bit about the way

a 15-dimensional universe works

because there is much more to the

universe than our

little solar systems or even than the

massive galaxies

that we’re able to see with our

telescopes and the Hubble space

you know

telescope and all that

there’s much more to reality than even

those massive things

so I’m going to give a bit of a

structure of

what it means to be in a 15 dimensional


and then i am going to

show you where our basic genetic pattern

came from

and I hope I’m able to convey this

information to you

in a way that somehow at least

intuitively I can pass on

the meaning of this

there is a meaning

within understanding these things


which our whole self-concept of

a race is redefined

there’s a part of ourselves that has

been lost for centuries and centuries

that has been completely unavailable to

us but intuitively we have sensed that

we have sensed

a longing for

and a lack of

when i was presented with this

information by the Guardian Alliance

something opened up in me

and it knew it knew that

this was true

and it reconnected me as an individual

to the universe and I was able to find a

greater Love for our species

because I saw its place within the

greater scheme of things

we were a grand species once

we were not


and to understand this I hope I can

convey somehow through

what i discussed this evening the



and the meaning of what it means to be


and also, once we understand that where

we have come from

we will begin to understand what is

our process of evolution where we are going

because it is not just that we got this

far and we happen to evolve to this

place and there’s really no

direction evolution

is not aimless


is a purpose

there is an agenda

there are probable

versions of what any species can evolve


but there is also a

Primary version of

what a species was intended to become

so, what happened very long time ago

on the planet called Tara

about 560

million years ago

there was a race of beings seated on

this planet

the race was called the Turaneusiams


they were a very

very special race

they were kind of like the babies of the


the Turaneusiam race was created

by taking the genetic strains of

all of

the other type of beings

that existed

within all

of the other

dimensional systems and harmonic


taking them and splicing together


best of the best

in order to form a super prototype

and what the beings who created us

wanted to create

was a species


could embody

not only a soul

but an oversoul

it could

embody the consciousness

of 12 of the 15 dimensions

most body forms

either here or in the

second harmonic universe

can only embody within them

a certain amount of

energy identity

after a certain amount

of energy identity is added in

the gene code can’t tolerate anymore


that’s when the form of transmute the

consciousness would move


and evolve into a state of pure

consciousness being

where it no longer

needed a biology

the Turaneusiam race

was created to be a

living library

for the 15-dimensional M

it would


the gene codes of 12

within biology

would contain 12 levels of dimensional


and there were contributors of i think

they said about several

hundred million different species


gene code product

to create this new


this species was viewed as

God Like

we were created

to eventually

become creator Gods

and we were revered highly

by those

other extra terrestrial

and second

harmonic civilizations

who wanted to see themselves be able to

expand and evolve

beyond their own

potentials of their species

so we were

created with a lot of high hopes

and the Turaneusiams are who

we originally were

this is a surprise to most people

because most people don’t even know the

second harmonic universe exists

so about 560 million years ago the

universe got together

if you want to

look at it that way

different biologizes got together and

contributed their genetic material

to create this super race of beings

and they succeeded

they created the

Turaneusiam race

they were second harmonic beings

there were gender delineations at

certain periods of time

there were other

periods of time when there was no gender

to them they did not reproduce by

mammalian means as we do

they produced through energy replication

they didn’t need to do the mammalian


they were a very

very special breed

in the sense that they had

12 strands of


we have two strands of DNA

can you

imagine what it might mean

to have the potentialities of 12 strands

what abilities would that give us

what would our minds be like

what would our comprehension

our power

our what would we be like

with 12


compared to what we know ourselves as

now we would be God like

we would have abilities that we could

only dream of having now

and that is what the Turaneusiam race

did have

making sure the energy balances of the

whole planetary system

stayed intact

they were responsible for

creating harmonious relationships with

the other galaxies and the other planets

in the galaxies of the second harmonic


because there were many unlike

it is here

in the first harmonic universe


our solar system

within the Taran solar system

there were many active

extra-terrestrial civilizations

and it was just a much larger

intergalactic community there

the Turaneusiam were raised to become

mediators between species

because they have the genetic codes that

should enable them to be able to

identify with every species

so, they had

a big job

to play they were supposed to be


they were supposed to be


they were really supposed to

help the harmonious evolution of all

species in the universe

we are basically an extra-terrestrial

gene code

and that is very amazing to many people

because we’re taught to believe that

extra-terrestrials don’t exist

and when it comes down to that is saying

we don’t exist because we are the


we just happen to be

residing for the last

many millions of years on planet Earth

it is important to understand

our connection to the stars

because it’s

not just a hypothetical thing

it’s not

just an astrology thing

it’s a literal thing

that’s happening in

our gene code

and a part of our genes in

the little tiny filaments that

compose our genes

vibrate in the same way

that certain of

those star clusters in our sky


there’s a direct energetic link

and it helps us to

create a sense of Home

when we realize


we start to

feel really connected to the universe

when you start to realize that part of

your own self

and you can feel it

it’s an intuitive


but you can feel it there

once you

start working with it

2 thoughts on “Where We came from?

  1. There are many different beliefs and theories about the origin of humanity and the universe. The information you provided is based on the teachings of Ashayana Deane, which may or may not align with the beliefs and perspectives of others. It’s important to keep in mind that different people have different beliefs and perspectives, and that there are many different theories about the origin of humanity and the universe. It’s important to be open-minded and respectful of the beliefs of others, even if they differ from our own.


    1. Absolutely. Freedom Teachings are based on that. Who can dare to state this Story is True? Who can dare to State it is not True? Very Few Stories Can be verified to Be True…
      Most of us follows someone else’s Footsteps, listening to their Stories, using those as Stepping Stones in the Stairway to Heaven. Until One is Ready to walk the Path Less Travelled or the One and Only Path, which is Your Unique Path; no one has walked That before. I am Happy you read this Story I shared and hope You got some inspiration from This Story. I wish You Enlightening Journey on Your Path 🪷💫

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