The core substance of the Cosmos

Is Consciousness.

Thought is an attribute of Consciousness.


IS truly solid.

All things are composed of Consciousness observing the


And the Consciousness

Of which the Form

Is made of

Human Consciousness emerges

Through an order

Of Dimensionalization

Which sets frameworks

Within which the

Interrelationships of Consciousness

Can take place.

Human perception of Solidity

And Externalization

Is determined by the Oscillation rates

Between Dimensionalized units of Consciousness.

Human Consciousness (the Soul – Spirit)

and human physical form

are patterns of frequency formed by

Dimensionalization of Unit of Consciousness.

We perceive manifest solidity

Due to the relationship between the

Frequencies of Consciousness

Of which we are made

And those of the

Unified Field of conscious Energy

Around us.

COMMENT: So, we perceive the reality as WE ARE and what is collectively agreed with those ones in the same frequency field. These two are still limited perceptions. In the duality, there will always be differences with perception. No wonder we feel “lonely” and homesick. BUT when we Ascend to higher levels, we perceive the reality in Unity. That is were we will finally feel more Home. From there we Journey together even higher levels, where the Benevolent Beings reside and from there – back to the Source.- Padma Alba

Humans perceive as solid the Frequency bands

That exists

One dimensional spectrum below

The Frequencies within which

The Individuated of Collective Consciousness is


Manifest Reality

Is Thought Projection,

Made solid

And externalized by


Between the

Frequencies of our Focus

Of Attention

And those of the

Projected thought forms.

We perceive as Reality

The Thought forms of the

Collective masses

As they were placed within

The Frequency bands

That now exist

One Dimension below the

Frequencies within

Which our present focus of

Collective Consciousness

Is stationed.

Comment: I was about 10 years old, when I was cycling on the bridge crossing the home village river. I experienced as I was existing inside of my body, but I wasnt the body, I just used the eyes like windows. I realized, nobody, absolutely nobody would perceive the world around me as I did. It is impossible; we all see a different world. It was a very lonely moment. – Padma Alba

SOURCE: Keylontic Science MCEO Freedom Teachings

Ashayana Deane -Referring to the older original teachings


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