Quantum Jumping – We are Connected

*Two Entities can be connected through Quantum Entanglement even when “existing” thousands of Light Years “apart from each other”.

What one experiences the other one experiences as well.

*When experiencing a “Bad” moment in Consciousness, like “negative” emotions, thoughts, take physically Step Aside, knowing you have moved to another reality and choose consciously other emotions, thoughts there/here now. Every movement you do “physically” opens potentiality to another “timeline”. You have the gift of Free Will to choose what to experience in it and how and so on.

*There can be several potentials You are experiencing different “realities” according to Free Will. The NOW is where the Consciousness or Your I AM THIS I AM presence is focusing at and the “Other You (s, many of them) will reap the results of what you choose to experience in this NOW.

*There is Free Will (FW) in All Levels. There is FW of the self, and there is Divine FW, from the Soul and Higher existential levels. Divine FW, from the Soul, doesn’t always move in agreement with the “bodily” FW and often does choose different experience, knowing what is essential for the Expansion. So, “painful” experiences, from the point of view of the bodily self, could BE the “best” experiences. You can choose which one you are agreeing with or choose to FOCUS on as an experience in the NOW.

*Reality doesn’t exist and DOES exist as relative component of your Mind/Body/Spirit combination. Time/Space/Speed of Light experience gives an illusion we are thousands of miles away from each other. Or the Veil of Life / Death seems to BE between us. The Quantum Physics, Spiritual Science

says you CAN experience simultaneous here and now together, fundamentally, in non-local reality.

*There is the Unified Field, where all are connected. It can be created Artificially by AI, but That is limited in the Source-Code. Divine Unified Field is based on the God Source Code, and we (mostly all) have it within us. It is The God Seed. How we utilize this knowing depends on the level of Expansion of Awareness of the Unit Mind in the Now. This is Freedom of the Will. This is attempted to be suppressed by Resistant Beings, with AI source-code, cut off from the God Source Code. We have to start Remembering this Now. Overcoming the barrier of Cognitive Dissonance created by the “ego”.

*We are looking forward to experiencing the AT- ONE-ment. Yet we already DO experience it, whether we are Aware of it or not. What happens to You affects Me, and vice versa. Somebody’s suffering affects all of us. So does the Happiness. So, rejoice in the success of “others”. Cry in their pain, as it was yours, because it is.

We will experience the Awareness of that very “soon” in the Now. Time IS Relative, depending on the Awareness. We Will Be United in Oneness.

Here and now.

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