When Loved Unconditionaly

We are healing ourselves, the distortions, to become fully what we are.

In that process there comes a time, when you realize that you have been Loved all the way, through thick and thin, by those who know you from the Soul level. They have loved you Unconditionally. Even though you have lashed on them in your own Shadow Dance, they never send the lashing back. But they swallowed it into their Love for You. And without fear reflected the Mirror back to you, fearlessly showing you Yourself and your true image. Not trying to please you, or charm you or make you to like them, but to be Honest.

That is Love. True Love, Unconditional, expecting nothing back from you. It is being truly Kind. They do it in the name of the Love for you, only to give you a valuable piece of the Puzzle to complete your life’s Whole Image.

It isn’t easy to Receive That Powerful Unconditional Love. And to accept how blind you have been, blind and deaf. And how courageous that Other One is to Love you so much that not to fall into Lies, but being in Truth, as they see it.

When you come to that crossroad, where you realize, someone has Loved you unconditionally, Truthfully, and where you see that and feel it in your body, in your Soul, you can only Weep…

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