Inspiration for this moment


When you use much energy to resist something. You are creating an impulse that pulls it to you

Whether you want it or not. Abstinence or denial is as “bad” as Excessive indulging

If you indulge in substances, like “self-medication” in Any form, removing you from the “experience”,

You are hanging an “Free for Rent” sign in you Temple,

Your body. Inviting anyone who is looking for place to live

To move in.

Balance. Middle Path. No-one said is going to be Easy. Simple, yes, but Not Easy by our collective agreement.

Yet Easy for You as individual, because You Know you are freeing yourself.


Type of Reality where the Emotional Body is Cut of.

Becoming detached in a way where you don’t feel

Anything, believing you are God like.

That’s not it.

God feels everything, absolutely Everything.

Even the flicker of a Butterfly Wing

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