Have you been bombarded today with scare message about “Watch Out, today is Friday the 13th”?

I will say, “Watch Out of this scaremongering”.

Because, it is just a Day. Which was decided in the Time Calculator Matrix by someone in the Flesh and Blood body.

13? Just a Number? It is a Mathematical code, a Sound and Light Carrier, with Colour, like All numbers are.

So, to become Free Soul in the New World we Let Go of All the Created forms of interpretations of anything.

Set the “days” free.
Set the “numbers” free.

We usually follow Stories that are told us.

And our imagination makes substance on energetical level. Our thoughts, words, body languages everything we do creates substance one way or the other.

You have seen the days when you feel on Top, optimistic and positive.

You meet those kind of situations and people in the Outside World too.

Or the days when you feel Low of energy, pessimistic, victimized or something, there are surely reasons for those too. You step out the world with those energies and meet opposition, unlucky events, people who are not kind or are even nasty. Things just do not seem to work out, isn’t it?

There are smart people who use this quality. Specially when it is a Group that is Thinking the same ways. It becomes a Powerful Manifestation Project which we participate. Consciously or unconsciously.

Even being part of something which is not bringing expansion according to the Spiritual Laws. Part of something Anti. Something evil…

Oh no, not me, we say.

But if we look deeply enough we ARE participating creating something Anti-Kryst, even slightly. Otherwise we would not be sitting stuck here. Stuck in All Those Manmade Matrixes inside this Hologram Creation we are Existing in. For Now…

We believe the Stories Told and Build our Image of the Reality and Ourselves based on those stories.

Whether they are true or not, it feels Safe to have something Tangible to Hold on to, to Stand on, to Describe the Reality we see and our Experiences in it.

It is Scary to Let Go of these “Beliefs” and enter the “Void”, a Nothingness.

Except it isn’t Empty. It is the Real Reality, hidden from us to keep us imprisoned and not experience our True Origins. Just wait and see…

I remind you of the deceptions of this Maya, Illusion created as an Agenda, in many levels.

For example, the
13th was a Monthly cycle considered as a year by the early “primitive” cultures, often referred to as Paganistic Worshippers. Worshipping the Earth. It still appears as Moon has a rhythmical cycle. Who can really prove that it is such in that Hologram we a “seeing”. Each of us in different ways.

In one story Jesus was told to have His last meal in an ensemble with 13 persons. Where the One according to This Story was a deceptive person, who caused His crucifixion.

Or the Norse mythology also, there where 12 who were gathered for a Feast, and the 13th person arriving was Loki, the deceptive one.

OR that there were 13 Astrological signs (maybe even more, they read the Whole Heaven) which the ancient astronomers used as language to read the Living Heavenly bodies, in order to relate The Heavens to the Earthly Lives and Understand the meaning of Life .

Until it was snapped about 2000 years ago. Because the 13th Constellation offered Immortality. Touching the Galactic Center. Maybe the reason… The zodiac was Fasten into an immovable grid around our Earth, rending us only possibility to Surrender to these Powers as Destiny. As Faith.

Deception again. Sounds that to me. Anything immovable in the Flowing Universe, Gods Creation sounds unlikely… Feels that too…

And who can say it is a Lie? Or Truth. None of US. We just have to keep on Believing it. Or not.

Some cultures it is a Lucky number.

Like the Witches number, who were in Touch of the Mysterious, invisible Powers, especially the Moon and could Manipulate the events, changing Destiny and Faith. Apparently.

Or was it the Fear of the Feminine Energy? Somewhat distorted by some Women too.

That would be another topic one day…

But here I want briefly to talk about the number 13.

Many Stories that have been told to us, to let us know, how we should experience and interpret the Reality, and our Lives. And better yet, We SHOULD believe on those Stories, some thinks…

Like numerology, Angel numbers, gematria, what have you… Religions, dogmas etc.

Some One Else telling You who and what you are, or your life is. Doesn’t sound as Freedom. Or Authentic.

I choose to make up my own mind. And Spirit, Soul ant the Rest Of It…
And Learn from those who have gone before, so that I don’t repeat the same mistakes.

Who can say these are the true events? No one.
We choose to believe them. To Feel Safe. To have some Concrete to stand On.

I will dare to Say this. We have been programmed to believe that be 13 is unlucky.

Because it is Very Important in Ascension Teachings according to Emerald Covenant Freedom Teachings and Keylontic Morphogenetic Science.

Oh, here she comes again, someone maybe is thinking. With her our dogmas…

Hear me out, please.

At times we are stopped hearing, reading something That Could Set us Free from Illusions.

It is masked as Negative feeling for us because there are parts of in each of us that are Distorted, sabotaging us.

A Double, a Shadow.

Stopping us from Evolving.

So, let me express these thoughts. They are result of decades of exploring Spiritual Teachings, East, West, South and North…

It is briefly written.

I see these teachings, Freedom Teachings, Keylontic Science as Free from any Belief, that could take my power and freedom away, or limit my thought, feeling or action. People can try to do it, not the teachings, the message…

No, it is not taking my freedom away. Quite the opposite. It is Empowering me. Changing me to be more Myself, Authentic. Healthy, vibrant. More Loving.

And it is a mixture of Science and Spirituality. I like that…
To satisfy the Mental body and Free My Self to BE Consciousness.

I am not Seeking a Samadhi, Nirvana as such…
At times I did, but found something Distorted in those teachings too…had to Move On.


13 is the Middle Pillar that Connect the Dimensions of this Time Matrix of “Ours” into the Fields Beyond Time. Something Else Beyond that too, I may add…

It is a Very Powerful Number.

The Dimensions are 15. Are they? Who can say, but I am convinced it works for me now after studying it further. And Experiencing It Myself. Someone more scholar could explain better why…

I must say that I did some of the Techniques on my own, Prior to coming in contact with Keylontic Science. I was led to teachings, when I had to Let Go Gods Name and Form of God as I knew it.

It was a Scary Moment, but no, no Empty Void was waiting me there… But another Level. Expansion.

Dimension 15 sounds like High Up. It isn’t. And is. Neither is it High or Low because it is beyond Time and “Space”. Or Form, Duality. To “travel” further I must find the 13th Dimension with different speed of Frequency, Oscillation. Within. Wheels within Wheels… Rings within Rings…

Oh yeah, so complicated words. But I will take my Simple Steps towards personal Experience.

I will let you know more about my experiences, if I can… You know Words, languages… Another trap.

There is One Language, original One based on the Sound Codes of the Creation. And yes, Beyond Sanskrit (studied it briefly too). And Latin. And Aramaic the Jesus language.

There exists a language Beyond the limitations.

Like Music!

I like that…

We Live in a UniVerse after All.

The Original language is called Anuhazi, Angelic language, which is said to be the First Spoken language, a Step Down from something else Beyond. First outwards uttered Sounds, a Language.

I Heard words on foreign language spoken to my Right Ear PRIOR to coming in contact with Keylontic Science. Discovering still what it was…


The 13th Pillar, or Portal is located Within The Earth Core. Forming the Planetary Maharic Shield of Silver Liquid Light, Pre-Matter Light. From it we, you and I both, draw in that 12-Dimensional Frequency in to our Personal Maharic Shield 12 inches below our feet. Through the legs.


Upside down world suddenly? Let it be upside down, that might be the Right Side Up.

It is a Dynamic Frequency State directly transmitting the 12-Dimensional Frequencies. The Maharata Current. What a Gift.

And Connecting to the 13, 14 and 15 Dimensions.

And Much More.

So, no wonder we have told the Hell is Under our Feet, don’t Look Down!

When there in fact CAN be our Escape Route, door to the Freedom.

It is a Good Signpost when the mainstream creates beliefs spiced up with fear of the Unknow; go there and find out what is Hidden there.

No wonder we have been programmed to be afraid the nr 13. And why Friday. Many reasons for that also. Stories.

Who even decided the seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, year divided. Yes, we can study and hear reasoning to that, but it all sounds so manmade, nothing to do with the Organic Nature of the Creation.

And who decides where the January 1. is located, and why? Good Question.
We have to live in that system, partly. Remembering we are not of it, but so much more. And OFF it soon…

Which we are in the process of Finding out, aren’t we?

I like to talk about Superstitions and Beliefs, since they control so much our Lives.

We are in a process to get freed from many of them in this Cycle of Ascension we are in now.

I also like to talk about the Friday the 13th. Sounds like a Horror Movie, which it is also I believe…

I am born Friday the 13th. The Midwife told my mother “hold the baby in” until the Unlucky Day passes.

I thought otherwise…

Have always felt I have come to shatter beliefs and dogmas.

A kind of a Rebellion.

I hope not to be burned on a Pole Fire though…

Hope to escape from this Matrix before that.


to MyOneAndOnlyAdonai

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