Path of Order vs Path of Chaos

I have included Google translation in Italian and in Spanish in the end 🙂

How will we recognize God Source Path?

By its Orderly Progression towards Higher Parts of the Human Spiritual Structure, creating Harmonious Spiritual Evolution and Expansion. Honouring the Free Will of ALL.

Simply putting in touch with the Divine Love principle.

Co-Creating according to the Natural Spiritual Law



The Individual wishes and manifestations increasingly Aligning with the Will of God Source the closer One progresses. Without Coercion or force. Free-willingly.

Order and Freedom together, how will that work? Sounds like a contradiction.

Since I want to BE FREE and not follow some Order or System.

Isn’t that what Freedom IS All About?

Path of Order creates True Expansion following the Nature of Love Divine from God-Source. Clear Steppingstones for Each and Everyone according to the Law of ONE. All Living Beings are created as a Face of GOD SOURCE progressively ATTAINING the Form of the Creator.

By Every Step

The less Density One have, by releasing Karmic Miasmas and Crystalized structured and “Black Energy” spots in our Energy Fields, the more One will be Transmute into Subtler Frequencies. From Matter to Pre-Matter and further… We are stuck on the level of Frequency we have, until we are not… Not increasing Frequency but Oscillation.


Through our Attitudes for a starter.

Our Attitudes are easy to be in touch with since Life offers opportunities to come to Face to Face with them. Presenting us the Attitudes we are still unconscious about; either by bringing an extreme Mirror Image in a form of Another Human beings, or a Catalyst who Triggers that Attitude Polarity to surface. To become Conscious about it. Shine the Light of Cognition on IT.

There One is offered a Freedom of Choice, which will Either Pull or Push One closer to the God Source or further away from it. This Each of Us will learn to recognize. That is the School part of Life.

Becoming Conscious of the Consequences of Ones choices One Predicts the outcome Prior making any movement in thought, words, or actions. And if the Conscious is Awake and Aware and Able, One chooses the Natural Law of One God Source Path and Expands.

That Attitude is Transformed. Flipped. Becoming a Stepping Stone. Empowerment.

Clearing out the Miasmic Imprints in the Field. In the Personal Shields.

Activating the DNA strands.

That is the Path…

And how then recognize the Path of Chaos?

The result of it is Contraction. It appears Always as a Controlling Ones thought, words and movements. Maybe talking about ONEness but only if it IS controlled by an External Force. Always remaining in a position of Subservient and in the State of Obedience in every step on the way.

With an External Image of God.


Or Saviour.


Ascended Master.



Or a PhDs

Or Politicians

Or….. the list goes on. You get the Point?

It is the Path of Sorrow, truly. Probably offering Illusionary “joy” which soon will turn out to be Sorrow for the Soul.

True Joy is blocked in any means. This is the Path of Chaos in Gods Creation. It will lead back HOME too, but as an Unconscious particle without Individual Consciousness. No Memory.

Starting the Journey again, from a Scratch.

There is NO NEED to experience Density off Sorrow IN ORDER to APPRECIATE the Path of JOY.

No need to Crucify Anyone to prove the Point, some Teacher or You Yourself included. Martyrdom is a Trap in the Program created by the Fallen Ones. Easy to Fall into that, isn’t it.

No need…

Unconditional Divine Love is Extended to ALL.

No control Dogmas.

No Intimidation with Fear.

No Guilty complex.

No manipulation of Thought.

No twisting of Truth.

No insults.

No abuse of ANY Living Being or Form.

No promotion of Victim Consciousness! (this makes us Powerless, and it sounds sweet, even “loving and empathic” but it is a Trap and Manipulation through Emotional Body)

Stripping the GOD Source from Gender Duality and Lifting IT Beyond that.

Sounds like a Utopia taking into consideration what One is Witnessing around, seemingly Invincible Powers steering the direction of One’s Life. And the Loved Ones Lives.

How would that Reality Look Like?

Religions of the Earth will be Restored to their Original Purposes and freed from Dogmas and Political Distortions. Freed from Anti-Christos agendas. Returning to the Divine Order of LAW OF ONE.

Freewill Choice.


Coming in Contact with All-Knowingness experiencing True Freedom as an Angelic Being. Krysted Being.

Because this IS Within You and have BEEN given to you as Your Birth right.


Yes, it is True. Nothing to feel proud about because the Ego has in that state Expanded beyond Unity Consciousness. The I AM is Enlarged beyond that …

Nothing to Write Home and to boast about. 😊

BUT never ever settle to anything LESS than this.


And remember not to Dial Up any External “Figure”, they are mostly Hijacked…

Dial-Up Your Soul, Over-Soul, your own Avatar.

The Fallen Powers will be Powerless when we Stick TOGETHER.

I feel like nothing, absolutely nothing can stop what is coming…



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