Authenticity vs Narcissism


A bit other angel for Life.



When narcissism meets authenticity

What is an Authentic person.

They usually know their Strengths and their Weaknesses, without none of these making them to Fluctuate. The Pendulum doesn’t swing so much. So, in other words they are in touch with their Self.

Authenticity is the quality of a Spiritual Person.

An Authentic person can be a colourful Personality. But they are Free and give that Freedom to others too. There is nothing they need from outside themselves, from others.

Like a Narcissist does.

Little personal disorders we all have.

But a Narcissist personality is something else. Life can only go in their way.

Authentic person is full of Life.

They are not Sterile and Neutral in a mechanistic way but have an Innate Serenity and can fearlessly participate in All Circumstances Life Through at them.

And an Authentic person KNOWS when to Exit.

They are in Touch with themselves and their feelings. And with the Environment. Without judging it good or bad. They have enough space in their Reality for others. Nobody can take away from an Authentic person what they have within.

Authentic person is a Win-Win person.

Which scares a Narcissist. Because a Narcissist cannot get to an Authentic person. They cannot be manipulated.

Narcissist thinks ONLY Service to Self. Others don’t have even existential value, other than if there is some use for the Narcissist Self-image or something else…

They can’t regulate themselves and blows out very easily.

It is their Pseudo Armour.

Battling against the Shame they have within.

For whatever reason…

They are the King / Queen in their own Fantasy Kingdom. You can be part of it if there is any use for you.

Is the World today making narcissism a good deed… In the Survival of the Fittest World.



A Narcissist Antidote?

So, we must Stretch ourselves into Authenticity.

To know who you are, honestly. Be Truthful with Yourself for starters.

Authentic is Truthful.

That is scary for a Narcissist.

So let us put our Authenticity ON

And conquer the Worlds Narcissists

With our Serenity.

With our Truth.

2 thoughts on “Authenticity vs Narcissism

  1. Theillard de Chardin: ” Creative , authentic beings are radiant , while the empty narcisists steal the energy, resources, triumphs without permission for their cruel envy”.
    Legal and spiritual law: a planned act of cruel envy done by a gang, it doesnt have pardon, due the intention of harm, so their penalty is doubled (criminal and karmic) and totally exposed.
    Also , this kind of evil act doesnt have date of expiration.

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