TOUGH LOVE – Truth is setting us Free


It is not “negative” as such, because it is making you stronger.

There are many expressions of Love, such as gentle Love, romantic Love, Self-Love.

This is called TOUGH LOVE

Here it comes ☄ …

“They” have patented many Mind Manipulative and Controlling programs and electromagnetic and soundwave, hydro-sonic etc weaponry.

“They” access us through our biological bodies and the water molecules. Same goes to Earth.

In this way they can “pretend” to be the Voice of God in your head.

You think it is from God because of the Synchronicity.

Many data programs are such; they can “read” your brainwaves” and respond to it.

You feel You have been set and heard by some “greater” power.

The next step from this is to start inserting Thoughts and Wishes in your mind. And not for your own good…

That is how they Hijack the Gods place in our consciousness.

Be aware of any techniques where you are asked to call named “higher beings” into your Field.

Call No One. You are just dialling the central office of the Fallen Ones races, who ever is on duty. So, Most are Hijacked by now.


Yet I am not, just sad…

No, I am not that either.


Mind blowing and difficult to believe all this, but maybe, just maybe our “Minds” need to be Blown Open. And Our Hearts definitely.

This is the Dark Polarity pushing us, accepted by God Source, towards the Inner Journey and Know God Through Your Heart, Your Consciousness.

It is Time to stop Pretending” “They” don’t exist.

And, no matter how terrible or horrible things you witness, “they” are still our brothers and sisters too, In God. Fallen Ones, yes, but within the Same Free-will Creation doing what they can “best”. No, not to accept, but to remain In Purity and Immaculate Love, when Living On This Earth. And then DO what YOU have to do…

Some of them are Victims too…

There is no Hate in the New World, where we are heading towards, hurrying, some of us…

Only Krysted Beings, knowing what God Would Do Now.

Your are Born to Be the Alchemist.


When seeing into the darkest corners of the Reality you perceive, YOU are bringing LIGHT there with Your Consciousness. It is the Ultimate Alchemy.

Our God Consciousness and State of Love is the Only safe place to be now.

Increase and Expand Awareness of it.

Through Your Heart Love. It is the Most Powerful “Weapon”.

Use the Love you have to your family, partner, children, and friends, increase it to the maximum in everyway you can, until it becomes Love to the God Source. Fill Your Cells with that Love, with Colours. Silver Liquid Light is what I use if you can imagine what that is…

Think about Mercury or electricity…


I practiced it on my own until I found SomeOne else, who was teachings it in Keylontic Science, Bio-Spiritual Healing Systems. FREEDOM TEACHINGS.

Long time ago… The Older Teachings are worth to listen.

The programs don’t know Love. And the Fallen Ones don’t know it either.

Joining Our Awaken Wisdom and Pure God Source Christos Fields we become very Powerful.


In this way we create something called Tribal Shield. This will lift all others who are not able to build the Frequencies and their Merkabah (The True One – Magnetic Matter based under moving up – Electric Anti-matter on Top coming down)

One person, a Strong Indigo Soul can bring down enough Frequency to assist 1000 others to Rise their Frequencies. At least…


“They” can try.

 I am not letting them to have their success. From My Part.

Are you?

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