The Author of My Life – Who is the Author of Your Life?

“I wrote my Self back to Life” – padmaalba

Who is writing Your Life Script?

Describing the twists and turns?

Deciding how circumstance turn out and

Authorizing the end goal

Your Destiny?

Becoming Fate?

Yes, Fate had followed me

until I followed it


I had it Programmed in me

Agreed on the Soul Level

A Covenant?

“I MUST go through it”

Do I?!

When the Quantum Universe

is saying

“My Child, here is the material of the


Decide where Your Journey goes

It is a Free Will Unvierse

You have All Right to

Experience the Quantum Phenomena

When it is Elevating You


Every Experience

Less and less


More and more

State of Grace


Start the Journey

To Your Chosen Destiny

Be the Author of You Life

Who is the Author of Your Life?


When the Tower Card

Appeared in the Deck of my life spread

All was lost.

The Foundation

The Hologram

I had nurtured

The future that I envision

Thinking….Then, when the All happiness starts…finally

It Was All gone


I wrote 20 Notebooks


Was first ugly

The pen I hold

Didn’t find the

Right form for the letters

To construct a word


More words forming sentences

Of my life

Every moment

Until one day

It was Flowing



Riding on the Waves

Of Thoughts


The imprisoned


Since No-One was

Going to read the pages

I was able to

Be naked and vulnerable

And I found Me

Who I was

And AM

When Illusions

Imploded And scattered

Into small pieces

Turning Into Dust

On their way

Back to Source

I wrote my self

Back to Life

Authoring the

Breath Of Life

Into my Lungs

Breathing the Breath of Life




I was my own AUTHOR-ity

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