You maybe say preceding in reading this, that She Is Not Very Kind.

What a Horrific Story.

Yet the opposite is true.

I am doing this with All The Love I Can Be Aware Of Now.

Love to Humanity.

Love to the Earth.

Love to God Source

Love to You

Love to the Self.

Love to US.

It is really working like this. Facing the Truth liberate the entanglements of illusions. This I can say based on my personal experience. Expansion is the result of that.

You have observed the World around You and it isn’t All Pretty, we can agree on that. If you dare to look very deep in, you will see it is Quite Horrific.

Wouldn’t you like to know, if a Danger is approaching you, that somebody would warn you about it?

Do you think that the True Friend is the one who says, “Come on. What you are doing now cannot be good for you, for us”.

I would. Missed those friends when Things were not so good in life. But I take full Responsibility of All that has happened in my Life.

So, many of us has witnessed difficult things going on here and now, and in the past. Such a things that we could never have believed ANYONE in the Human Form would be able to do. Yet they did. And do. Planning to continue.

But we cannot believe it. Why? Because we are Krysted Beings. We have a Living Heart with Beats in the Rhythm of the God Source Breathing.

Have you heard someone mention something like “If you would know what was really going on you would not be able to sleep at night”.

Mercifully These Truths has come to me the KIND WAY, FAST but GENTLY.

And Luckily, or by My Own Credit, it doesn’t matter, I HAVE HAD EXCELLENT COMPANY ON MY SIDE.

It makes me Humble.

It makes me Happy.

It Gives me Strength to move on.



We Celebrate the Birth of Christ Light. This has compelled me to write about the 3 Christ. It is a Story based on Maharata Ancient texts, where All Spiritual Scriptures have their Original Source.

Who can dare to say it IS TRUE?

Or it isn’t True.

No-One, because mostly we base our Spiritual Journeys on following a Path someone else has walked, listening their Stories, until we are entrusted and ready to take our Own Individual and Unique Paths.

The Planet is Shifting into this Higher Existential Form, returning to its Krysted Original Alignment. We have 1/3 of All that IS remaining for our use. That is the wave we are going to Ride On resisting the Fall Traps.

We will and Can Do it Together. Indigos Are many and they will lead the Way. Wake Up All Indigos. We need You.

Following is Transcript from FREEDOM TEACHINGS and Ashayana Deane. Mechanics of Manifestation and Dance for Love.

Because We cannot really talk about Christ Birth, without talking about Christ Death, which has become the central Pillar of His Existence, as we know it. And because it didn’t happen the way we have been told. So, we need to talk about the Truth About Christ Deception.

Don’t get me Wrong.

Through out my Whole Life I have had CHRIST, or more accurately Yesheua on my side. I remember the first contacts when I was a little girl, maybe 8 years old. I had my Out of Body Experience repeatedly through many Nights. “He” came on my Rescue; my Bodyguard, as I call “Him”. Afterwards Yesheua taught me how to build up my Strength.

And this is why I can resonate with the Freedom Teachings. I didn’t like the idea of Somebody Sacrificed for “my sins”. No, it felt horrible for me, even as a child. Still there was a Jesus, a Kristos for me as a Companion through All the Roads I have walked. Through All the Ways I have tried and learned from.

And Here I Am Now.

Still On this Journey.



Seeking More

Hoping to Arrive Soon.

We have been fed with Pure Lies to keep us as “good” prisoners in the Prison Planet.

What was done here was absolutely Brilliant.

Evil, yes, but brilliant.

The Pendulum has moved to its furthest point of Negativity. It is on its way back towards Positivity.

Most of the Temples, Churches are reversed with its energy. You might feel in “resonance” with the place, thinking it is “spiritual” and beneficial for you. Yet, it probably is aligning with your own reversed parts. It is the Leviathan Primary Tribe of the 12 Tribes, which are the Victims and the Perpetuators.

There were True Temples here on Earth before the Fallen Ones took over. Yet the most Spiritual Temples were the Humans, carrying the Kristos Frequency

Look after Your IS-BE, the Immortal Spiritual-Biological Entity


1st Christ was called Yesheua 12 – He had 12 DNA Strands

(Born 12 BC, Ascended 27 AD)

Not many knew him. He was teaching about Stella activation, Atlantis, Ascension etc.

John The Baptist initiated him. He was from The Maji Grail Race, where Original Human Race, Oraphims originated from. Mary Magdalene was his Twin Flame, was supposed to marry him. But things went wrong… She was married to another one instead due to smart deception.

Yesheua 12 wanted to leave, to Ascend, because of the deception and the loss of His Twin Flame, but before that had children with chosen women to keep the Gene code on this planet. To have Pure Bloodlines. He never married any of those women.

Yesheua-12 is still active today, to get his Twin Flame Free from the Entanglement with the Phantom Matrix; she got reversed coding because of the Betrayal.

2nd Christ was called Yeshewua 9 – He had 9 DNA strands

The Bible Jesus, born from Josef and Maria. Yesheua 12 initiated him. Got mixed with Anu Elohim, was said to be “Outspoken”. Incarnated as Avatar from Fallen Elohim Matrixes. Pleiadian Anunnaki & Galactic Federation (partly corrupted) worked with him; they gave lip service to the emerald Covenant to promise to “Change they ways”. Married Mary Magdalene (Yesheua-12s TwinFlame), which made the Plan go wrong. They had children together. The Co-operation of the Fallen Powers and some corrupted Entities did the Cover up of Scriptures, so that Humans would not know too much. Even before the Nicaea. The Tales were Woven into what was to become the Christianity as we know it.

Was hidden in France due to Betrayal 23 BC. Esenin divide; partly Hyksos, partly the Grail Line Essenes. They wanted to save the Gene code Yeshewua 9 had. Cathars (Light-Sound-Void originally) of France, some of them, were actually Yesheua-12 line. The Fallen ones “lied” that this Hyksos Yeshewua is the 12-Strand Maji Grail Yesheua, so that they would get people to follow them.

3rd “Christ” was called Arihabi

Looked and sounded like Yeshewua 9, was an “actor” and was crucified. Was promised a Avatar Gene code, yet it was reversed, Metatronic code. He was given a “Vision” by the Anu Elohim, Fallen ones, so that he would co-operate. Was Crucified, got Ascended as promised by the Deceptive Powers, but into a Phantom “Heaven”.

Bible story come out of this chaos. Enough was kept secret, so that Humans will not get too much information and would be Obedient for the Fallen Ones. Many names were changed, and stories were mixed up. F.ex. John the Baptist was much, much older than Yeshewua-9…

They also mixed in the Olympian Gods, the earlier Saints. Who in fact were Fallen Angels. The Anunnaki and Reptilians started co-operating, even though they were enemies fighting over Dominance on Earth. Since they both hated Humans, they together made the Bible, as we know it.

The Catholic church and The Protestant Church was the next steps from this co-operation. Organizations under the Fallen Ones.

This History is unbelievable, but very believable for Common Sense. This we also know deep within; it is written in our Templates, in our Spiritual Memory Hard disk. We are the Oraphims, Maji Grail Humans.

And whether the Stories we are told are True or not, it is not the most important thing. What Truly matters is how we Look for and after our own Expansion and Spiritual Development, taking fully Responsibility, no matter what happens around us.

May your journey into the frontiers of Higher Evolution be fun, inspiring, and fulfilling. – Bon Voyage


We are Celebrating the 12-Days of Christos Awakening

Dance For Love Greece 2002

Origins of Bible Stories is also about the True Christ. These teachings are much older than the Christ drama, we know. These are the ancient Founders teachings and we’re resetting the original Truth.

Like many other popular belief paradigms, including ALL known ―New Age and ―traditional‖ spiritual/ religious doctrines and many fields of contemporary scientific study, the perspectives presented within the MCEO teachings must, too, be presently categorized as theoretical in nature.

The Bible and the Christ story

In order to talk about the Christ Awakening Celebration, we have to clarify some programmed concepts, such as the crucifixion of Christ.

Transcript of part of the lecture, Dance For Love, Greece 2002

If you want to know what belief program is running out there that is a total implant that is meant to hijack your Consciousness for as long as possible into projecting out the Anunnaki scenario, is a crucifixion of Christ.

Christ was not crucified.

Christ chose Ascension.

That he orchestrated himself because he had these teachings. He was translating these teachings.

But the Christ story was hijacked and was almost a tongue-in-cheek joke the way it was done. It was done for a reason it was done because if you’re planning at the next Star Activation Cycle to take over a Planet and you want to see the whole bunch of history that leads up to a fake story, so that when you come in you’re not

going to have any resistance from the people who are there.

Because they think you’re the Saviour coming back.

They hijacked the whole STORY, and got rid of most of Christ’s teachings, most of John the Baptist teachings, and both of Miriam’s teachings and all the people who are really working the CHRIST TEST MISSION.

And they superimposed Distortion here.

20 percent or maybe 40 percent of the people here who’s endorsing the Christ crucifixion story. Now not just the typical Christian religions but look at the channelling movements.

You have the people with their Mother Mary Visions, who have holographic inserts contacts with Mother Mary.

You have very benign seemingly helpful courses like the Course in Miracles reflected Urantia book. These teachings any of those teachings that are telling you that Christ died on the cross are preparing this race for somebody who says he’s Christ to come in on a spaceship with the Anunnaki, saying

“hi, we’re your creator Gods come, come with us. We came here to save the Planet. Sorry your governments can’t stay anymore because they’re not doing a good job. But we’ll help you save the planet.”

This is part of a sabotage.

The root CRUCIFIXION OF CHRIST was this why it was tongue-in-cheek joke for the Anunnaki they think this is hysterical. The whole story about the Stab Wound and the crown of thorns and the nails and the hands and the feet.

It shows you your axial tonal line grids in your body. These are the lines that run from your Template that begin the process of bringing you up into more full particle manifestation. These are the energy feed lines in your body, and they’re all supposed to be open.

If they’re all open that’s how you get all of yourself into the Physical Hologram where you can KNOW YOURSELF AS GOD and have those god-like powers

What the grid Distortion is, is the checkerboard Matrix is done is block off

Literally. Look at this Kathara Grid points 4, 7 10 and 11. all the way through. (These are Your Unit Identity Shield points, and the Gate Ways to those same Dimensions).

 It is amazing we still even have the left side of our body left because of all the blockages if it wasn’t for the fact that they only reversed part of each one of us,  we would have the whole body form fallen apart and died.

You wouldn’t be able to manifest.

But they left part of the Body open just enough to keep the life force coming through and the rest was reversed or shut down.

Now these corresponds to your DNA strand levels and these correspond to the Dimensions of Consciousness. You will be able to know.  You HAVE that Cognition that Perception level.

We used to have much larger Hearts. The physical organ would be much larger. It was much stronger. It had a much slower breathing rate.

All of a sudden, we’re breathing really fast, and our Hearts beat really fast and our lifespans are really, really tiny… (Compared to what was originally intended)

All of this stuff is happening because the chromosomes are damaged and because the DNA templates are damaged because the Axial Tonal lines are blocked.

We Have been CRUCIFIED.

The inner Christos, the Dimension 12 frequency that we have the ability to embody with our own inner Christ, which is what Jesus taught, has been crucified by the checkerboard Matrix.

Here in the spleen is one of the first things you might start experiencing when you start to get your DNA activating; a spleen pain.

Because all of the little black dots they don’t belong there, their blockages and reversals.

So, when that higher frequency starts to come in and transduce, the spleen and part of its function, when it’s functioning right, is supposed to assist

in harmonizing the higher frequency energies with the lower frequency energies.

So, you end up with spleen issues. You end up with all sorts of pains in the legs, pains in the arms bits, in the heart area. You can get lung issues from all this.

This would affect heart and lungs.

This was the crucifixion!

It is the Real mess

There’s your crown of thorns literally. The ones on this side of the body (left side) , the Four (4), Seven (7) and Ten (10) ones and lines are blocked or reversed which is literally totally altering Brainwave Function.

It’s making a division in the Consciousness that would be the male and female.

It’s making an extreme division in the Consciousness where it’s extremely difficult to bring the two Fields together into a unified perception.

This Is How They Crucified Christ.

And they think it’s hysterical that we run around worshiping a guy on a cross who was never really on the cross. It is Symbol. So that when you see a Crucifix, realize, that this is a symbol of Your Death as a God Self here.

But it’s only a symbolic death!

You have the ability to pull out those Nails. Climb down off the cross and open up the things. Throw the crown out the windows and say, “Excuse me I’ve had enough of that drama all right!”

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