Holy Water – Water has Memory ðŸ’¦

(With short clips on YouTube)

I was reminded about this.

The Healing properties of Water. That Water has memory. 
That Water Sees You and Harmonizes with You.

If this is True, can the same “technology” be used to do “harm” with Intend? Can this be counteracted by Intend?

I believe and sense, and dare to take it even further, I Know it can be done.

Is this the modern War of Worlds? 
The Spiritual Battle we are face to face “Now”?

I AM ALL INN, and Perform the Intend Daily and with Intend of Love, I may add… 💕💦

Water can BE ritually infused with healing intend by priests and shamans 💦 https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxzj8BMsMIZJbGBiljh55lCTxCxihx70F6

Water can BE infused by influence and intent from distance, having much higher energy quality afterwards 💦

If the Water can BE changed with Intend, what does it mean for us in modern times … 💦https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx59DkxQFY8GwCWOLCz6FII3xVcgJxfsQM

Reminding You of the Earlier Article I published about this Subject. (Link)

This IS So Close to My Heart and Soul, My BEingness 💦🧜🏼‍♀️🪷





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