Ascending… Techniques… Letting Go and Arriving


Good Morning 

About Ascension & Techniques – Dogma and religious co-dependency

Have you seen the movie ARRIVAL?

I use that one as an example in my effort to put in words this Thought.

The ET arriving choose a woman, a language “scientist” as the one to communicate through with  the Earth.

They were teaching her to learn  Symbol Codes, which she saw as their “alphabet”.

She slowly, slowly got the meaning of the symbols and could have a conversation with the ET.

When she achieved that level something happened… 
She was able to have Telepathic communication with the ET. 

The symbol codes didn’t have any place in the communication anymore.

She was in direct contact with them.💫

The Symbol Codes unlocked her Mind and her Consciousness expanded to be able to have cognition and deeply comprehend the communication.

Yes, the ETs were “nasty” looking for human eyes, aquarian kind of, like 🐙
But “kind” and “Benevolent”, and came here to advice and warn humanity.

Needless to say the Earth “leaders” reacted defensively.


Not the movie per say… 

All the myriads of Techniques we are given, thrown at, convinced to perform in order to Ascend, Expand and Come in contact with the Higher Selves 
Just like the Symbol Codes in the movie.

Not saying they are “useless”. 
And I think, feel have experienced 
That some 
Are waste of time and effort 
And even “dangerous”. 

Some Very Effective, Sincere 
And Reliable 
By Logic 
And Common Sense 

And Feeling…

By practicing, focusing and have Expectations to Achieve what we want with these techniques, we in fact Unlock Something within. 
And we will be able to have, as she did in the movie, direct contact, communication Within, with the Self and Levels of Higher Consciousness.


The Techniques themselves being unnecessary at this point 
We are to 
Choose to 
Let Go

Holding on to them will Keep us Stuck hindering our Natural Organic Expansion ALREADY existing within us.

Same goes to any Religious Belief.

Stepping Stones 
The Stairway 
To Heaven🌈

That’s All…

What Do You Think? 

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