You Have Done Great – Awakening The Flame

Ashayana Deane Workshop: The Egypt Lectures – Awakening the Flame of Orion (Part 9/10)


You have done Great!

You have never given Up!

And we will not!

Great Ascending Angelic Humans

I want to share with you some words from my sister Ashayana.

If you want to find out more about her, I recommend the older lectures 1999 – 2012 and the Voyager I & II books, in my opinion there is great value in them now.


I haven’t edited this, but it will help you if you listen and read at the same time still.


I can’t even describe it to most people so the fact that you can even sit here and participate with this and understand it shows a lot for the level of consciousness you carry on your own this is a masters course it’s not a neophyte course by any means and to be able to plug into that in life 48 hours and just go for it is very impressive the Azurite council and related groups are very very impressed with the ability of this group to focus themselves despite the sort of adverse chaotic circumstances


I hope you can go back realizing that there is one lesson here

a lesson of teaching yourself how special you really are because you can look at the other light workers out there and the type of work that they’re doing and they’re doing good work a lot of them some of them are doing middle ground

work somewhere we’re doing you know basic neophyte work and that’s fine because it’s all needed because you have all those levels of consciousness on the planet we’re even so far out of their range that most of them have no clue as to what it means to release light coat seals on the hall of records where the office of events say they don’t even know what the halls of Amenti are they just don’t have this information yet which means you are a small group of people who have exposure to some of the most the highest frequency information available right now on the planet there are a couple of clusters on the global level in different cultures that are dealing with mechanics of this sophistication


I don’t know them and they don’t know me but we’re part of a team and we work together their groups are assisting what

our groups are doing so it’s not that we’re the same elite snobby group or anything

we’re carrying responsibility the azerite council has a huge responsibility

for whether or not things are going to be really rough here over the next 12 years or whether we’re going to able to

stabilize the grids enough so the rest of them they tend to like to poke fun at you and like you know bug you because

they just don’t understand the level you’re dealing with we’re helping them too all sides so


take with you at least the self-appreciation

and you can look at yourself a little bit differently than you did before just for the fact that you’ve been able

to participate in this plug into it and go for it

it’s really an awesome thing that you have done here with your consciousness you have leaped

2 000 years of development this planet and the consciousness the basic consciousness here was not ready

for this data or to go anywhere near this level of energy work for about 2 000 years it wouldn’t have been given


if we would have made it to that 2000 the planet wasn’t going to get there we weren’t going to get there

you’ve done an amazing thing you’ve leapfrog your evolution at least conceptually two thousand years into the

future by dealing with this when it comes to the personal stuff that we’ve done we did today this is the

exciting part because what has happened in this group of people has not been permitted nor

able to happen in 10 000 years on this planet not this past not all at


once each chakra level that we open

he used to take the minimum of 12 years of training before that would be permitted before the body the

consciousness the emotional body could be trained a little bit little bit by little bit to deal with those energies

being released within a week’s time we just released the seals on nine

choppers and activated completely the first kundalini spiral

when we investigate more what that means we begin to understand how significant that is compared to what’s going on in


most people’s bioenergetic fields now all of us on the planet are going into an acceleration we’re all going

into rapid DNA activation for the period of time that the stargates of Amenti

will be open because the planetary grid accelerates which makes our biofields and our DNA accelerate.

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