This time of the Year
Is Magical
If you want…

Reasons to Celebrate
Each of Us
In Our Own Ways
How and
We Prefer

I made this Meditation video
For You

Longing Faith
Impetuous Hope,
And burning Love

Dedicated to One and Only Adonai πŸ’—

πŸ™ βœ¨  πŸ’«

Feel FREE to sing it on your own Melody 🎢 in the way YOU want to express the Words HERE & NOW

I AM ONE with the Cosmic Mind.


I AM held gently, at all times, within the love of the Original ONE – the true God of Creation.

I AM strong & resolute in my calling; I hear the call of my sacred Original – Divine – Self, my God – Self, leading me HOME.

I AM clear of mind & vision as the knowing of my God – Self flows through me at all times.

I AM in this moment fully embraced by my God – Self and its connection to the Original God.

I AM at peace in the face of anger.

I AM calm in the face of chaos.

I AM filled with the glowing essence of Divine love, through which I AM healed.

I AM the vessel for Original Truth and Wisdom. I AM the conduit for Original Love.

I AM the living expression of the Sacred Law of One.

I AM harmless yet powerful. I AM humble yet knowing.

I AM the expression of eternal love, light, truth, and power – I carry the will of the Original ONE through all of my moments, allowing the Divine to touch others through me.

I AM Whole NOW. I AM Peace NOW. I AM Wisdom NOW. I AM Divine Love NOW.



“I AM” word programs set powerful electro-magnetic programs within the Morphogenetic Crystal Body (Energy Body). Word patterns can serve to help you evolve and awaken or impede this process. The most powerful times for setting Crystal Body programming Grids is just prior to sleep and just after awakening. The following exercise provides a very powerful morphogenetic programming grid to assist you in accelerating spiritual evolution and multi-dimensional identity integration, while setting up multi-dimensional protection grids that will help reverse the polarity of negative or harmful programming grids.

The MCEO Freedom Teachingsβ„’ Series Presented by Adashi MCEO LLC in Association with Azurite Press MCEO Inc. Copyright A’sha-yana Deane, 1999

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