Mastering from Playing & Experiencing


To Becoming a Master

One must Play by the Rules

Basic Laws of Energy and Consciousness

Simple Spiritual Integrity

Which this Time Matrix was Structured On

Was ment to Be

A Place of Freedom, Of Love

In Co-operation

A Place Where Beings Who are

The Manifestation Of the Face Of God

Go And Play

And Experience

The Hologram of Matrix

In Various levels

Ashayana Deane, Kathara 2 Bio-Spiritual Healing System

2 thoughts on “Mastering from Playing & Experiencing

    1. Dear Mary Thank you for sharing the article on Breathe The Breath Of Life. Me gusta mucho 🙂

      I would like to know, since you are Spanish speaking, where are you staying now? I have understood you are Cosmopolitan, Un ciudadano del mundo 🙂 I am too.

      However I am called to travel to Mexico and other near by countries as soon as I can. To stay there longer time. I dont know anyone in Mexico at the moment. Do you? Can you suggest some places to contact?

      Thank You, Gracias 


      PS. I am learning Spanish now 🙂 


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