Collection of Poems from Listen. Silence Speaks – Language of Silence


It is Proof

We are in the Prison Planet.

We don’t know who is meeting Us Out There

And Within

When we Reach, Seek, Expand and Start our Journeys to

Higher Parts of Our Selves.

To Kristed Self.

Being suspicious and careful.

Keeping Our Selves Intact in Within Our Skin.

We have seen many Great Souls Fall

Into the Hands of the Prison Keepers.

Body Snatches,

Vampiric Beings,

The Fallen Angels


When the Only Way Out IS

The Only Way In

It is To Open The Heart

Wide Open for LOVE

Which is the Building Material of This Time And Space.

Our Spiritual Structure

Of Our Universe

And Our Bodies

In Step Down of the Creation

To BE Love

Reaching The Ultimate End Of The Road

Before Merging Into AT-ONE-MENT

With The Source.

So, how do we dare?

Many of us remains in the Constrains

Of the Mind

Feeling Being Under Control

And Protected

Becoming Intellectual about The Journey



As if it is Just a Matter Of Fact

When I Will

BE There

When Your “I” Arrives

Want it or not…


As Prisoners?

Leaving Our Hearts

Shiver under the

Strict Dominion of

The Inner Control of the Mind

The Fascist Within?

Screaming With Whispers

Let Me Breath

By PadMaAlba©

*To MyOneAndOnlyAdonai

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