The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.

“They found each other by pure serendipity”

My comments:

I can safely call myself by nature being a SERENDIPITIST!

I am the One

looking for valuable things in the situation I am In.

There is something meaningful in this

Something Meant to be in

why I am here and now in this experience.

“What is it?”

And I look for the Answer until I find it and can agree with it.

In other words, IT Resonates with my Consciousness

Here and Now.

For Serendipitous occurrences appearing

I must be Still in my Mind to see them, to be Aware of them.

I experience that the God Source Creation is Serendipitous in Nature originally. In every step at the time, we are offered an Serendipitous experience, if I want it. It is up to me to Choose it.

If I would not be Serendipitist, I would go by my Unconscious Attitudes and Emotions and choose according to them, automatically.

In my Life would be more opportunities of the Shadow Self creating Experiences because I am in Unconscious State of Being. I would think and believe, that is the Nature of Life.

Since I am CONVINCED through Experiences that LIFE IS SERENDIPITOUS in Nature, I Expect the Development of events BY CHANCE, apparently, in beneficial way making me HAPPY and Life is JOYFUL.

These Pleasing things seem to be appearing By Chance, because I wasn’t seeking them in that form; they are Totally New Experiences for Me in the New Now.

Expanding my Consciousness.

It is not LUCK, because can be described GOOD or BAD. Luck is like a Force that is bringing Fortune or Adversity, success or circumstances that are against me or us.

Serendipity is something else…

It will only be Spiritually Pleasurable, Resonating with my Present State of Consciousness.

I am Open for Serendipitous to Arrive.

Including Serenity

Aligned To Serendipity.

What about you?

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