E´Asha Story and some of the own story

E´Asha Story – Ashayana Deane speaks about her own life

Video Clip from the UIR

YouTube Channel Voyagers

Lecture: Michael – Mary Turnstile Matrix 2002

Guardian Materials E´Asha A. Arhayas




First, I would like to start little bit about my own story:

I met this woman, E´Asha Ashayana Deane in a dream couple of years before I learn to know who she is. In that clear dream, like a vision, you know those special dreams, I was walking towards a Mountain alone. Leaving everything in my life behind me; family, world, my identity!

A Door on The Mountain Wall opened, and behind it was a shining room, full of silver white light. Like a Shower. A white-haired woman waited me with open arms “Finally”. We embrace each other and then I woke up.

Since the dream I was looking for her for years. Until I did find her through a very important Soul, who connected me to Ashayana.

Since then, I have had tremendous activation; my memory is wakening, my body changing, I am going through total transformation.

I had experiences I could never imagine; experiences, dreams together with this woman, whom I consider my Soul Sister and Teacher helping me to wake up. And experiences with other Soul Tree members ❤

Ashayana answers to me to very specific questions, which has been in my mind. It feels like time doesn’t exist and we are having conversation.  I think something and I am guided to a lecture where she is talking about that subject. I resonate with the Story of Atlantean Massacre, where from I could see pictures in my mind, having a feeling like I was there with other women and men, couples. I had experiences with the Inner Earth Benign Beings prior knowing who they were or that Inner Earth existed.

My Path has been like that since; first personal experience, then an explanation. Maybe yours too?

Since then, my life is changing profoundly changing and I welcome it all and in increasing way am feeling that nothing else really matters in my Life anymore.

So much to learn… To Remember.

From here on it’s an Individual Path by developing the personal Inner Guidance.

I feel thankful not to be Lost anymore but to be Found, to be Called and to be part of the Team of Souls who has come here to work together. It is a welcoming feeling, finally, since I had always felt very lonely, not really fitting in anywhere.

Now I understand why, and I keep on collecting the puzzle pieces and the Picture that is emerging, is already looking Pretty Beautiful, despite all the tough things going on around us…

Remember, Its only acts of Drama. The last Big Noisy Acts of a Dying Beast.

We have won and the Great New Earth will be our Destiny. Or maybe even the Home somewhere there in this Great Universe, which I am looking forward to remembering more about, truthfully.

Home far away, yet very close, and we travel together with the Power of our Hearts, United.

I would like you to get to know this remarkable woman, who have done amazing work to Translate the recordings of the True History and the Future History, which is assisting in weakening up all Indigos here, and the Angelic Humans to their true origin and potentiality.

This video is from 2002 but it is still relevant very much so.

I hope it will help you also to open to Your Individual Journey.

We have all an important Role to Play in this time of Transition.

E´ASHA and HER STORY 37:44 min

During childhood, Ashayana was visited many times and escorted to Eyeyani learnings centres for short periods, by members of the Eyeyani Priests of Ur, who initiated contact from the island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Throughout adolescence, Ashayana kept numerous appointments with the Eyeyani Priests, in which she was physically transported by means of interdimensional spacecraft and Merkabah, to an Emerald Order base near the island of Kauai.

Escorted by members of the Eyeyani, Ashayana experiences physical “wave-riding”. A term used to describe physical transportation through space-time portals via Merkabah Field activation, from the Kauai location to an Eyeyani educational facility called the Centre for the Advancement of Interdimensional Communication (CAIC).

The CAIC physically exists on Earth on what is now the Kauai, Hawaii site, but in the future time period that translates into 6250 AD Earth time.

*Excerpt from Voyagers 1 (book)

“Speaker 1 E´Asha”

When I was given the information on this I was appalled, I was speechless believed or not, for a while. The magnitude of the technology and the will of ill intention that has been orchestrated on this Planet. Magnitude of the technologies themselves, makes everything, all the technologies we have right now like Kindergarten Plays.

These new technologies have the ability to reverse the Orbital patterns of the planet around the Sun. The technologies that are done, if they are not healed during this Stargate Opening Cycle, will cause the Polar Shift because of the distortions in the Planetary Grids.

We learn about the agreement between certain Angelic Races that thought they are going to lose the Game during this period, which thought to join what is called Emerald Orders is the Founder Original Co-creation Treaty for this Time Matrix that was build upon Loving Co-creation and Co-evolution.

There was agreement made in 1992, the Pleiadean-Sirian agreement that was made between some certain groups of Fallen Angelic Anunnaki races, where they agreed to assist the Founders Races in Krystos Alignment Mission.

Because of this agreement, for a while the New Age groups where working under the same agenda, those channelling were doing that too.

This agreement was broken recently. Serious of events took place September 2000- Anniversary of the Trade Centre Fiasco.

AT that point there was something called United Intruder Resistance, that was formed. It’s a problem because there is fraction of people in human bodies that are called the Illuminati collectively, different fractions. Each holding Agenda from the Fallen Angels, and they compete which each other.

Because the Guardian Races have done well so far, because the Planetary Grids are cleared. All the Fallen groups decided to join their forces in order to stop the Krystos Alignment Mission.

We are in the middle of that.

It means they motivate their Illuminati Humans to fulfil certain agendas.

Humans don’t even know the bigger picture; they do their own little parts.

This can end up WW3. The Guardian Races, Indigo Children and the Humans that are awakening on the Planet, have a change to heal this before it gets any worse.

There was Crisis Intervention Mission after sept 2000 when the United Resistance issued an edict of War against the Founders Races.

Last time it was done in 1. Seeding of the human races, about 25 mil years ago.

It ended up to something called Electric wars.

Everything in the planet was literally vaporized.

Nobody was around anymore.

Seeding 2 had to take place.

That’s why humans came back again.

There was a small war, when the Intruders took the Founders Racing, which is dumb thing to do because the Founders has key to the Star Gates and to The Source. You cannot overpower the Source.

Again, the same thing showing out.

Anunnaki Fallen Angels and various groups competing each other Draconian-Reptilian Fallen Angels competing with the Anunnaki.’

All of them trying to take control of this Time Matrix.

We are on 3rd Seeding now here in this linear Time.

Twice it has been literally wiped out completely.

The seedings would have not needed if there was even just few standing still, a male-female mix present.

But all was gone.

It is amazing to think that something like that can happen.

We are so sheltered in our little Thought Field in this Time Field.

Our history has been so edited.

Our Memory Banks has been messed with on Planetary and Personal level.

It is hard for us to remember or even think about this drama enfolding.

If the people get their memory back, they will know what is going on, because they had lived and died through the other times of cataclysms.

That is part of Race Karma imprint. And it is coming back now.

 The Atlantean Karma is coming back. It is reactivating the Planetary Grids and the Morphogenetic Field.

We are going to go through the same mess unless we remember and change it.

It isn’t Sad work. When you begin to see the magnitude of the Drama, it is mind-blowing. It was for at least for me.

I was prepared to come in and we are going to teach basic Krystos-teachings, that’s great. I didn’t commission for a WAR time!

Angelic don’t do wars.

My own history thought me that I didn’t know what it meant in this life time. I don’t talk much about myself, I don’t like it, but once in a while it helps people to understand the sincerity I speak with and the amount of dedication that I have to speak about what I speak about.


As an Indigo I had, and all of them have it, DNA template 6 was activated, not just the first 3. Most of them don’t know that when they are burned. They have to be activated before the strand 6 kicks in and they get their memory back.

I had problem, since when I realized what I am coming in to I tried to spiral back up refusing to come down here I was thrown into my Heart Chakra instead of the Crown chakra and this activated immediately the Strand 4. Prematurely my memory banks to be opened, so from the time I came into the Baby body before it left my mothers womb. I remember everything before I got into that body and how I tried to run away like heck when I remembered what I am coming into for.

By the time I was born, I had pictures running in my head, like movies, from different lifetimes, I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought everybody had them.

My mother was a person who had burned me in the cross last time we met each other. I was amazed that she didn’t remember me.

I used to have vivid memories of drowning which is how I left one particular Lifetime. I had pictures running in my head before I could talk. I started to talk at 18 months, and I was a talker, surprise!

My mother was terrified, putting me, as her baby down. My eyes where wide open and I was talking, when becoming aware of her I told her, “Angels are talking to me, leave me alone, they are coming to take me home”. Most of my consciousness was focused on there talking to other things others couldn’t see.

Inner perception had developed early, I started to understand what they were. I wasn’t raced with knowledge of Reincarnation, mother was Protestant, father was a Catholic, and there was surely no talking about Reincarnation in my family. But I knew it was natural. Age 4-6 I was under a illusion that others think like that too.

I remembered Soul from other lives and jumped on them to hug them and they thought I was strange. Some of the Indigo Babies have these experiences.

Or somebody comes to meet a total stranger, if you knew them and were close to them you will have the Heart Chakra thing happening and you say I want to go home with you, those things.

At age of 4 I started to recognize certain groups became aware who I was, certain Fallen Angelic Groups, who were aware of every Indigo who comes in. I didn’t know I was an Indigo, I just knew all those things, knowing the things and trying to balance the perception. I was Trapped, the little Grey Things, and literally lived in Terror, and abductions started. Then they stopped.

I was 3 years old, and mother looked at me, and they intervened. They weren’t Angels any more than humans are because humans ARE Angelic.

I was fortunate that the group called Guardian Alliance had intercepted, what was an attempt to wipe out me and my body before my DNA would be fully activated and understand the Mission, I am part of.

Because I came through with the Contract called Speaker Contract. It wasn’t something I had memory of. I just knew I was here; it was important, it was a Mission, and I didn’t want to be here because it wasn’t so nice that I hoped it to be.

The Guardian Alliance was part of the Krystos Founders Collective, luckily intervened; without it I wasn’t standing here to speak to you. They wanted to destroy me before I woke up enough. Even before I knew I was a Speaker.

By the time I was 7 I ended training with the Guardian Alliance Group. It wasn’t nothing like being contact with another, there was no fear. I was introduced something called Merkabah, it is a certain thing when your DNA Strand activates prober way you can literally transmute your cellular part of the body and pop up in another Space Time. These things are Real.

Because I remember fully Ascension from Biblical Time lifetime, I was a woman called Miriam, I was a half-sister to a person called Yeshua.

What I really remember is true, it’s not just a weak memory. I was taking into Merkabah with the Group called Eyeyani group of Angelic Human Indigo children, Ancient Race that have evolved in the Earth. They took me to help me, training me about forgotten history, spiritual techniques or Melchizedek Cloister techniques, Keylontic Science which we are bring down now.

I was training until I was 18. Then I had an NDE, which brough home everything for me.

Yep, NDE is real, and I am still alive, and my body is down there, and I feel the frequency dropping. I was given a choice to leave or go back and be finished what I was commissioned to do. I probably had stayed gone if I hadn’t had an infant daughter.

The Guardians told me One thing; they will not press you or make decisions for you, but problems you would have, the open interdimensional perception, incarnational memory, Speaker’s contract, she (daughter) would have that too and without me she would not understand. I saw an image of her, I still see it. I couldn’t stay even though its much nicer when you cross over, because you are in the Expanded Field.

I was still trying to understand what was going on. My body was disappearing and reappearing in another place. I was taken to a place CICD. Future Time.

But it is a physical place when your body has the partial spin, it is connected or lives in a location we called Hawaii. Its same locations but it is in the Density 2 Time Frame of Tara.

There is civilization that would evolve from this time if the Fallen Angels don’t get hold of the Star Gates.

After coming back, I still didn’t understand a third that I wanted to. Awakening can be very confusion because of the culture and the things we thought here.

I was offered the opportunity to receive the Melchizedek Cloister Ordination. I came in as level 3 ordinate. I had finished the other in other lifetimes. These are different levels of initiation. What has been practices here by the other Melchizedek groups One initiation. We are doing 3 levels. Reason I am able to give transition to the Cloister Ordination, they were given to me since I was 18.

I had to literally rearrange my life, so that I could leave when needed and my kids would be taken care of.

When I was taken, I was taken to the Inner Earth, not in the Future time, but in Inner Earth where the Eyeyani have their cultures. That’s the place where the Amenti Chrystal Temples exist, they are massive and beautiful. They run the Star Gates they are the Manual Grid for the Star Gates, also for the Amenti Star Gates.

I was taken there several times. I was told that I was given the level 3 ordination, the Avatar ordination, and didn’t know what it meaned first.

I was proceeding to Eckart ordination which is the 6th level, the final level of Ordination.

My Planetary contract was then connected to Galactic Contract.

I had a choice whether I want it or not.

Because I was locking my self into what I was supposed to do on this Planet. If I wouldn’t bring in the information to those Indigos waiting for that information.  It was put on the board before me weather I accept the ordination. I had to fulfil what I came here to do.

The whole team of Indigo children would not be able to wake up in time.
So I took responsibility with Love.

There are some people saying, where is the Love.

Try my life the last 30 years and you would get your answer.

I understood the value of the teachings that was given to me and the freedom it would allow me. To be taken to the Star Gate, to walk through it and pop up somewhere else. To give that freedom to five other people I would feel so good. Because my God would not be trapped here. That’s wjhy I came back. I would not be able to help other or let alone help my self to get through a Star Gate.

But if I can teach people to do it themselves.

When I Progressed, I learned more about what my personal life meant, and what were the movies, simultaneously running videos, I saw as a child. This was going on, also in the school, where I was asked to concentrate on learning A, B, C instead to watch those movies.

Finally, as I approached age 28, I started to see the linear time sequencing that was involved in my lifetimes. Sequencies of the most important ones.

We all have 1728 different lives that are running simultaneously. I don’t have all my files open because I only open those which are most important to my mission this time. And my body can only hold a certain amount of memory since the Planetary Grids are activated to certain level because it shut down the DNA.

I was terrified most of my childhood and adolescents. I fell a presence of Rightness and presence of what I can only describe as God. Even it seems confusing.

There was a Place that made Perfect Sense, and I knew I was OK even in the most precarious situations. I was grateful of that knowing. And I could give people a Gift, to every last of them.

Because you should never doubt again and no matter what happens outside of you, whatever drama you’re involved with, if you know the Presence with you which is a piece of yourself that never left the connection with the Source. You will even if you don’t know the mechanics, yet you can trust that part and surrender and say Okay. Whatever.

Let my will be Thy will.

What ever my will is, I give it back.

I just want what is Right to happen down here.

I went through a lot in my life until I asked to understand, and I was given a Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Master training and those things, and I was asked to speak, I didn’t like it because I was all about the silence. I was not allowed to speak before I was old age, because they would probably lock me in. If I would be talking about last time in the Biblical period etc.

It does not fit well with the modern culture.

1996 – 1997 I was asked to take down Transmissions of Books that were transmitted, not channelling, but from something called Holographic Discs. Since I was 7 I have been receiving training so that I would be able to access them, the CTD Plates. We are going to learn more about them tonight.

They are Physical technologies, but they are transharmonic which means they can be in this Density and also go to the next Density level.

They had stored Founders Record. Maybe your memory is lost but somebody kept record of it. Record of Science and Spirituality, the original Founders Teachings.

The complete History of Our Time Matrix Incoded in them, including the Future History and the Probabilities which will emerge from what we call the Presence.

I was trained to receive the Energy, I had to first be physically present and to hold those plates. After a while when my DNA was keyed to their frequency, I was trained to be able to pull that information to translate it into my home language this time which is English.

When I was asked to speak it and up to Voyager 1 book, about the sleeping abductees, about people having experience of Abductions. They were not accepted in New Age movement then, and people were trying to get help from the Psychiatry until they realized it’s not the place to go unless you want to get lock up in the Funny Farm.

Publisher accepted to publish it.

He had been told too that he is going to get a book from me.

After The Book 1 I got a message from the Eyeyani, to stop the Presses, something had happened, The Arch has Sparked. What are you talking about, I thought?

They talked about the Arch of the Covenant. I didn’t know that then time. It is a Portal Passage that used to come down in Atlantis, but now since the Atlantean period and the Grids were damaged, it was moved to under Giza Pyramid.

Arch of The Covenant had to be activated before the Star Gate opening can take place this time. When it Sparked, they weren’t sure if we are going to fulfil the Stellar Activation Cycle. Because of the Grid damages. Preferable was that it didn’t. Because it could postpone the final Conflict Drama.

But if it wasn’t taken place now, it would have not made it to the next cycle. What they were doing here on this Planet. Certain fractions have been working on these plans the last 70 years, our governments, not the external Governments but few people in key positions are working with and running the Draconian One World dominion agenda.

Video here 2002.02 The Law of One and the Maharata Text Teachings

Because what is going down with that if the stellar activation could implode the Planet. The Arch of the Covenant was a great thing.

A lot of new information coming in. And this is where Voyagers Volume 2 started, The secret of Amenti.

It was about everything, Our History, Turaneusiam Race, the original human race. We know we didn’t come out of Apes and evolved through land and that process.

First edition was done with the hope that the Anunnaki Fallen Angelic Races were going to honour the Emerald Covenant. So, the book was done gently not exposing them, no names, who is channelling what. Hoping the Anunnaki would fulfil their promises to the Emerald Covenant and The Founders.

That Book caused a Storm. A lot of people, even those who were working for Anunnaki Matrixes were interested of the work. When I started to talk about it the weird stuff started to happen, where people would turn on me without no reason. I started to get my real awakening. I realized some people have been manipulated, which they would not even know, they were used to intimated me or to get me of The Path.

Freemasons tried to get me into their lodges. I had all sorts of interesting, things going on…

Finally, it all came out when the Pleiadean-Sirian agreement 1992 was finally completely broken. The Founders RACES and the Guardian Alliance and the Eyeyani had to expose, to bring through the whole thing, show everything so that people start protecting themselves and not to be manipulated and get the good work done.

We had 18 months to redo the Voyagers volume 2 second edition from the time the First Edition was sold out.

Its about double of the size and has all the information. New templar manuals and things that are more into the mechanics.

But it brings us up to date. What are Star Gates and what all that has to do with everything, about the History, why the Trade Centre thing happened and what we need to do to begin creating a protection field on the planetary grids and on our own Bio-Field.

We Ran Round Tables etc.

The Religious control dogma was active to further the dominion of Roman Empire. They took the original texts and edited them. They took away the Ascension Mechanics completely. Twisted up everything and assisted the political agenda of Illuminati to bring the One World Order together with the Draconian Agenda. It has been invasion. I hate to upset you or anything, we are middle of Invasion, but don’t worry about it. It has been going on thousands of years.

The Council of Nicaea used to edit distortions of genuine Essene Sumerian Egyptian Greek Roman Sanskrit Tibetan and Remnant of the Ancient Atlantean recordings to contrive this Book, the Canonized Bible and intentionally add malicious distortion to the True Essene Christian biblical texts. That’s why people say to me,” are you against the bible”?

No, I am not! One of me helped to write the darn things. But what they call the Bible today… when I was growing up, the first time I read it, I threw it against the wall. I said that is not what was meant. It was supposed to set people Free but now it was used to enslaved them instead.

How dare you to take the Holy texts and do that.

I can go head-to-head to any Pope to ask if you want to continue to cover up their lies like they have done the last thousands of years, or do you want to evolve your religion back where it has change to bring something pure. I talk for the Bible not against it. I try to motivate any Christian to try to find the truth in it, to realize there were a lot taken out from it. So don’t let that Book keep you to have relationship with God as it was intended.

Video here Ashayana Deane SHORT Origins and Bible etc

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